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Lowes Streetsboro, OH

I was at Lowe’s in Streetsboro late yesterday afternoon. Based on my experience, I totally understand why Lowe’s sales decline. I walked out their door, disapointed they didn’t want my $8,000! My intent was to purchase a new refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, and carpeting for 3 rooms. I walked around their appliance dept. for a minimum of 10 minutes. There were 2 employees at the appliance kiosk. One spoke with a patron for a few minutes. Another was facing my direction but reading something intently, or looking at his phone. Not once did either offer to assist me. As I proceeded to walk out the door I very politely but loudly announced my exit. I said ‘Attention please, since it is obvious, Lowe’s does not need or want my money, I am leaving for Home Depot where I will gladly hand over my $8,000 in return for goods of which I seek today.’ One employee offered for me to speak to the manager. I shouldn’t have to go through a manager to get service, let alone decent service! I come from a background of servicing people, customers, people who come back afterward for more of the same. It sure was lacking here! On my way to Home Depot, I called back to Lowe’s and asked to speak to the manager. I explained what had occurred a few minutes earlier and where I was headed now. The manager says ‘I will look into it.’ He never once tried to rectify the situation and offer to make it right. I was expecting something like ‘allow us to make it right.’ Or ‘Please return to our store and we’ll offer a discount to make up for the poor experience.’ He really had very poor customer service skills. He didn’t really care, like the rest of his employees. I happily spent my wad at Home Depot. Lowe’s closing stores? Understandably so!!! Shrug
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So you went to a "self-service home improvement center". never ASKED anyone for help, and then got pissed and went to another "self-service home improvement center" down the street.

All to save a few bucks over the local full service places.

Brilliant! Just....BRILLIANT!

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Lowes Manager
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No customer service

Resolved: Lowes in Columbus, Ohio - Improvement is needed!


Update by user Aug 21, 2018

Manager was able to locate a replacement (new) and delivered the new one in a short period. All parties are satisfied at this point.

Update by user Aug 07, 2018

I have been contacted by Lowe's corporate and they are working on a solution at this time. I also stopped in at the local store to get the straight story since they failed to call yesterday 08/06/18 as promised.

The item has been discontinued I was told and they would work with me to satisfy our purchase agreement with them. It is unfortunate that I had to take time out of my day to get an answer to my issue.

I hope that moving forward they will recommit to a quality customer care in the future to avoid such issues as this. All we ask is to have a resolved issue and honesty in communications.

Original review posted by user Aug 06, 2018

Received a damaged washing machine which was purchased new out of the box on 7/31/18 and after contacting the support team we were assured we would get another one to exchange. We did on 8/5/18 and it was also damaged from paint. Delivery team showed us a form stating we had purchased the floor model. Not true! We contacted the store and spoke to the assistant manager who assured we would be contacted on 8/6/18 with another date for delivery and an answer to why they brought out the floor model. Well, you can already come to the conclusion that no-one bothered to speak with us. We have shopped for all of our big purchases at the Lowe's in the Easton shopping center on Morse Crossing and we are disappointed by the poor service they have shown us. All we want is what we originally paid for, which was a brand new washer.
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Lowes Manager
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Poor customer service
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Deliver product or service ordered
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Lowes in Columbus, Ohio - Sunny, the worst staff member

Yesterday, I attempted o return an auger I had purchased earlier that day and found it to be too large for my bathroom sink. I was yelled at repeatedly that it was against their store policy to return this item but there was no such policy. Corporate had to intervene to allow my return. This is the Georgesville Square store in Columbus, Ohio.
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Lowes Manager
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Poor customer service

Lowes in Cleveland, Ohio - Terrible Store Manager

I went to the Lowe's on Iverson Way in Charlotte, NC and this manager name Bob was very rude and disrespectful. I was trying to return some product and everyone acted as if I stole something but the funny thing is I had my receipt. A white customer who was in line in front of me had no receipt and the product was use they gave him a refund with no questions asked. Here I am I had the product in the original packaging never opened, with the receipt within 90 days and they made me feel like I stole something. I will never shop at that Lowe's again. I am a hard working black women and I work hard for everything I own and I don't have to steal from anywhere. It's not like I came in the store looking like a ***. I was dress very business casual. I will take my business elsewhere.
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That's not fair. At my store we treat everybody equally. We think everyone is a shoplifter that way everyone is equally offended.

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Lowes will fire their workers unfairly!

A manager is in cahoots with the company to lie on a worker under him and cause him to lose his job 3 days before xmas and lose his insurance when he has epilepsy and now will lose his home and insurance to get his medicine that he desperately needs. This manager has joked around and kicked this worker and made fun of him because of his epilepsy but the worker did nothing to him. He called him the paint shaker, the floor cleaner because of his seizures. How can a company do this to a worker that has been with them for years. I don't see how the manager of that department can possibly live with what he has done to this guy. We have called around and there is a good chance we have a law suit. Would serve them right after what they have done. His dr. is amazed that this has happened. Anybody else out there had this problem with Lowes?
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I guess this isn't a serious sight at all. Wouldn't surprise me at all for nice try, okay,ha ha, you are lying and 2 lilmaudes to be the manager or just a nut messing up this this thread.

What happened did happen enough said, we will be taking this to a further action.

Hope nothing like this happens to any of you. Goodbye!


matches, throats what? who , huh?


Hogwarts I would say you are probably correct and someone was just messing around. The one thing I don't need to do is lie.

It was an unjust firing and anybody else can think what they want. If it was you, I guess it would be different. The thing is, people should not be fired and put off their job for joking and especially when the manager has done it to this person.

My story didn't need to add up to anybody elses. We know what happened and so do several others that work at that store.

I think in the end they will come thru to tell about this manager and the Hr woman.

Just sad this stuff can happen to people. Was wondering if anyone else gets treated like this at Lowes?


The above comment about the stealing and hands shaking and things dropping into the pockets was Not made by me. Maybe the guilty manager has found this site.

Hmmmmm The HR at the Xenia store is a very unfair person. She has her picks in the store and that is the way it is. Its a shame that people can't go to work and make a living these days.

There is always a bad apple at every establishment it seems. They need to stop and think how they would feel if it was them or their family member.


ty for the info. I have let this person know to do what you have suggested. Hope something can be done for him.


Look up the Americans with Disabilities Act.

File a complaint with the local Equal Rights Commission.

Don't look to a lawyer, because they're only interested after the damage has been done, that's where their money comes from, a percentage of the damages.

Lowes leaders are incompetent, and their management is bottom of the barrel.

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Lowes in West Chester Township, Ohio - New Federal Law

LOWE'S BLOWES Heads up to all Contractors, Lowes has once again ended its Loyalty discount for Contractors. Get this, spoke to a store manager and inquired as to why the discount was removed while they are advertising 5% of to consumers on their card, I was told that it is a "New Federal Law" that was passed, and they can no longer give a discount to contractors? Are you kidding me? I suppose they think we will actually believe that line. So not only are they not loyal to their customers, big surprise, they lie. I feel sorry for the guys that work the Contractor's desk and make their living sell 2x4's and the like. Sorry Lowe's there are other stores that must be violating the "New Federal Law" as we still receive our discounts there. Hmmm. And then there was that big button the manager had pinned to his red vest trumpeting the 5% discount? Truly Yours Pogue Muh Ho-in
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Here ya go guys. I'm not sure where the info is coming from but here ya go.

#1: Consumers get a 5% discount when they use their Lowes card.

#2: Contractors get 5% disount + deliveries for $20 + QSP for $2500 OR more(QSP stands for Quote Support Program). This typically takes about 5 minutes to get an answer. In reality, it usually takes just a few seconds. The extra time is for plugging in the info. I've only had one take longer than 2 seconds and it was a $50,000 wiring order.

#3: GSA: This is for government programs(schools, etc.) and is an ADDITIONAL 2% above and beyond the 5% for having a Lowes business account.

The discounts: What is really happening here is that Lowes does not have to pay Discover, AMEX, Visa, or Mastercard when you use any type of Lowes credit card. The savings is passed directly on to the customer.


In the world of business...there are contracts. One contract Lowe's has is with the government "GSA" which is only a measly 2% unlike the Lowe's Consumer cards and now Lowe's Business cards that offer a 5% discount ALL THE TIME!

There is also a QSP (quantity sale price) that you can ask for...that's right, A DISCOUNT for large purchases ($2500+)if you have the patience to wait for the discount offer to come back. If no patience, no discount.

With all the ranting and raving about discounts and displeasure with policies...Let's go back to what it really takes to get good service...Wake up call EVERYONE....It's called being nice! Taking the time to know the people you shop from and not taking advantage of the fact they make close to minimum wage to help YOU...That's right...Treat people how you want to be treated and the discounts will magically appear from employees grateful that you called them by their name(as appearing on the lil red vests) instead of "Hey YOU." ;)


im tired of people who want discounts just because they "spend thousands of dollars in the store". when i ask for discounts when im out shopping other places i dont get them so why should we give them out.

the very first thing out of a customers mouth is " do i get a discount or can i get it cheaper?

no you cheap a@#. dont get me started on returns!!!


Its never been a company program.. Just stores doing their own thing...


I quit buying from our local Lowes stores years ago. My father, who has built well over 200 homes in his life, and resembles a narley old builder, would always get discounts.

But, I guess I don't fit the profile. No matter if it's loads of lumber, drywll and doors, or multiple 5 gal. buckets of paint, for some reason they just would never give a 35 year old female any discount without a silly coupon. Contractor or not, bulk major purchase or not.

Maybe if I let my pit hair grow and wore a muscle shirt I'd have better luck. BTW, neither of us have their credit cards.

Dad has never needed one to get discounts and I have never wanted one.... Too much plastic in this world.

@female ***tractor

First off I dont think yer daddddy was the type to rant about it online..and he was prolly older than you when he started getting those discounts...maybe his purchases were bigger than yours(size matters) or , maybe he had a reputation, or maybe he was a big *** and they gave him discounts just so hed shut up, so maybe you should try that too


So, a continuing faltering economy, one that is driven by housing, elimination of solid customers to allow the Federal Government to dictate your business policy, hope that works out for you.

The discounts are passing onto our customers, who see the purchase origin of the products used, who in turn boast about the beautiful this or that they have had completed will now bear your competitions name.

We know police is not written at the store level. We have been in business long enough to know how to treat good customers, and by good I do not mean those who simply spend the most money, but pass by our competition without looking at any one else to shop with us, because we have earned their loyalty. Lowe’s, like all other corporations appear to be driven by greed, too much is not enough, call us when you realize your mistake, we’ll watch you die a slow death like the big Green HQ, Sears, K-Mart…

Truly Yours

Pogue Muh Ho-in


I currently work at Lowe's, and I'm sorry to say that the story is true, not a lie... and trust me, we as employees are just as upset about it as you are. The "federal law" bit comes in because Lowe's recently became a "GSA" seller, which means that we give the feds a discount, and you know the federal government, they want to have their hands on everything so they mandate how we can give discounts to everyone else as well.

I have always felt it was a great idea to offer the discount to contractors and installers, but it was never an official Lowe's policy and stores did it at their own discretion. With the new "GSA" stuff coming into play corporate decided to try their own version of the commercial discount, letting some stores offer one discount version, while having other stores give another version and seeing which does best. We are under strict orders and watched VERY carefully to not give the old discount like we used to... and it's frustrating to us to not be able to show our appreciation in the same way any more. I'm sure you can think of how many commercial and installer customers each store has, and how many times we had to tell everyone that we were taking away something from them... and how many people we had that were rightfully upset, and there was literally nothing we could do for them... just try to see that part from our side for a minute.

I apologize for ranting a bit, but I just wanted to explain that it's not that the stores don't like you, it's a *** decision that corporate made in the name of market research and the employees at store level literally have our hands tied.

As per the 5%, that is another experimental promotion that they did with the consumer card. I hope that their "testing" with the commercial card gets done soon so we can once again offer you guys the service you've come to expect from us, and the service we wish we could give.

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Lowes sold inferior wood

I purchased wood for a privacy fence in 2006. I notice this year the fence has started to produce holes. I've tried to resolve problem for three months with Lowes and the contractor that sold the wood to Lowes, Georgia Pacific. Lowes store manager at Columbus, Ohio store has continually lies saying they were going to send a Georgia Pacific rep out. I have $600 in wood installed and has holes in the fence. Not so private now. I will never buy wood at Lowes again. Lowes says holes are from were a branch was cut off. Yeah right!
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so, you picked out the lumber with the knotholes and bought it, now you're upset because they fell out? perfect example of someone thinking they install something cuase they watch This old house every weekend. That is why contractors charge so much, they know how to do things like select the correct materials for the job, blame yourself not your local store, ***.


Definitely the very same type of *** that comes into my store!


Wow, cannot believe it, I beat the "Lowes Knows" *** and his Lowes lawsuits one liner response yet again!! Anyway, it's not Lowe's fault you live where you have insects like termites and whatnot who do eat wood.

Yes....they will even eat treated wood!!

That's why you buy plastic fencing! You guys probably want to blame Lowe's for the sun coming up every morning, too!

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Lowes Manager

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