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Lowes' store salesperson recommended this product for our deck that had never been stained. The product did not provide the SF coverage claims as per the label.

We cleaned the deck as per directions. We have a huge massive deck so this was an expensive project. The stain peeled within 6 months of application and now we have a huge massive mess on our hands. The pickets, railings, and deck boards all are peeling.

The areas having less exposure due to the roof overhang are not peeling as much. The product claim in a fraud. We have read about this product lately on websites and find that others had the same experience as we did. As a consumer, the product claims are completely fraud.

Olympic and Lowes should be paying out for the damages we all are incurring from this faulty product. We have huge massive mess and diminishes the value of our home. No one should have to sign anything to receive compensation via the written warranty. The warranty does not stipulate that one has to sign anything that says the consumer will not sue Lowes or Olympic.

This is another fraud. Why should a consumer have to sign anything to satisfy a warranty consumer claim?


Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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Alright big man you go ahead and tell them to stick that warranty where the sun doesn't shine and see where that gets you. Oh and if you really want Lowe's to clam up just tell them you are going to file a lawsuit. Nobody at the store will talk to you further guaranteed.