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My husband and I purchased at least $160 of Olympic rescue it stain to do our deck last summer and it's already peeled off and the biggest mess and rip off ever!We were assured at purchase it had a great warranty and would be perfect for our deck.

It didn't last through one summer, and now we have no choice but to do our deck again this summer! We are very disappointed in the product and all the reviews we have seen about it before we actually tried it!!! We deserve some compensation on the cost we have in this lousy product. Please contact us ASAP or we will have no choice but to contact our lawyer in this matter.

Our address is 836 21st street Tell City, IN. 47586.

(812) 619-1845........I hope to resolve this matter real soon.

Review about: Lowes Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $160.


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Appleton, Wisconsin, United States #1348325

We also used Ollympic Rescue It and it failed not only on the flat surfaces but the horizontal and vertical surfaces. We followed the prep procedure to a tee and it failed.

We got the same song and dance from the sales rep at Lowes, best thing since sliced bread. I won't shop at Lowes and I will not by any Olympic products again.

Maine, New York, United States #1318061

We did 2 decks last summer with the Olympic rescue it deck stain and followed directions exactly!Both decks are peeling severely!

What can we do?

The guy at Lowe's strongly recommended it when we were preparing to buy another product.Very upset that we spent so much time and money!

Cromwell, Connecticut, United States #1261194

We used this as well and it didn't stand up for even one season! I used my lowes charge I wonder if they can pull my receipts. So mad


I had the same issue.I did everything they said to prep my deck even purchasing a pressure washer to make sure I had good results.

One year later I have to redo the deck.

Not sure what to use or if you can even touch this stuff up.Really inferior product!


We also bought into the great advertisments for this product .Purchased four five gallon buckets (as we have a very large deck) in summer 2015 and now (Febuary 2016) it is blistering all over .

Have receipts and will take pictures but not sure what good all this will do . This is one of the things wrong with this country. Make an inferior product and make millons and only pay back a fraction of that when sued.

The only ones making money on class action are the lawyers.The whole system is rigged against the little guy .


We've had a similar experience! Started peeling after one season.

I am planning to contact them.

Asheville, North Carolina, United States #1007079

"We purchased the Olympic Rescue It last April 2014.The original deck is 8 years old and the addition is 6 years old.

Both decks did not have any structural issues or wood rot. We prepped the deck with Olympic deck cleaners and applied the product on all horizontal surfaces as directed. We have about 530 +/- square feet of decking. I have proof of purchase through the MyLowes program for 3 gallons of Timberline Rescue It.

I purchased additional gallons but do not have the receipts. Since the product only covers 50 square feet, it stands to reason that I purchased more than 3 gallons. That amount wouldn’t even cover one application."

The above is part of an email to one of PPG Advisors. I first called and he acted like I had no prove of purchasing more than the 3 gal.

Offered to refund with receipts. I told him to keep the money and I would do further research into this issue. He added another $300. I told him I'd get back to him.

I emailed again, letting him know I would mail receipts and an affidavit from an independent contractor to confirm the deck size and that it was painted with Rescue It all over. I wrote another long letter, taking my time to outline everything, making sure it sounded professional and emailed copy to him along with a hard copy. I also emailed a copy of the statement from the contractor. The next offer was for 6 gallons of stain plus $530.

I emailed again, letting him know the dollar amount it would cost to replace the decking and stain it; although they will not cover labor, my time is valuable.

The last answer was that they will review my case when they get the receipts.

I don't hold Lowes responsible.This product was obviously not tested to the extend it should have been.

to chickenlady #1008698

Just a follow up.I mailed in all the receipts I had.

PPG sent me a "General Release of Claims and Covenant not to Sue" and is offering a settlement. We decided to accept the offer since it will almost cover all the repairs and replacement of new deck boards since we are capable to doing the work ourselves. We have no intention of participating in a class action lawsuit.

They only put money in the lawyer's pockets and the consumer sees very little of it.Not to mention the amount of time it takes.

Has anyone else been offered reimbursement?

to chickenlady North Carolina, United States #1010053

We used Olympic Rescue It and it is all peeling up.We put it down in September 2014 and it was peeling up by March 2015.

We used around 18 gallons and have contacted PPG.

They have sent the "General Release of Claims and Covenant not to Sue" and the offer for a full refund of all of the paint.

We haven't attempted to receive compensation for damages and costs to replace the decking.How much was the final offer that you accepted?

How should we go about asking for compensation for that?

Thanks for your help.

to Peeling Paint #1010139

We accepted $743.We did not have all the receipts.

The deck is 10 and 6 years old. We felt that it was enough for new stain and replacing the damaged boards. We can't proof that the stain damaged the boards or if bad wood was used on the new section. The old section had not damage.

The 10 year old boards need to be replaced in the near future, so we are not worried about re-staining them at this time. You could have someone give an estimate to remove the old stain and let them know. However, they made it real clear they would not pay for labor. You could also determine how much it would cost to replace the deck.

If you got a little extra, maybe it would be enough to sand and re-stain. When I called or emailed it was with the same person each time and I felt he had some flexibility even though he acted like he didn't. Hence the refund for which I had receipts for and another $530.

It seems that solid stain, Rescue it or others, is not a good candidate for horizontal surfaces.Good luck.

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