Albuquerque, New Mexico

When I go into Lowes I feel like that place is what God used to design Purgatory. I'm a Senior woman, know how to fix things, but am a small customer, usually needing to spend $20 or less to fix something.

I think they hate women customers, hate everybody who isn't going to spend hundreds or thousands. Tired of getting sent to the far end of the store only to learn the thing I wanted was at the opposite end. They won't make eye contact, walk fast if they think you might want to ask a question. Today I wanted to buy rust stain remover for an old bathtub.

After a few guys dodged me, finally I went "hey you". Told the man what I wanted, he walked briskly off, I followed thinking he was going to take me to it. He went to 2 other men, asked them if they ever heard of it, much blank stares, looking off in distance. Nobody said, "I don't know but I'll find out for you, just a moment.

" Just acted like *** rude oafs. Imagine a huge store of that type not knowing about rust remover?

I finally said "Obviously you haven't a clue what I'm asking for'' and left. I'd like to write a letter to their regional mgr.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #671689

Lowes actually widened their aisles and made it cleaner looking especially to please the female shopper. You had an unfortunate

experience or 2 at your local location but that isn't about a whole company.

Hate women and small customers?

That's ridiculous. No company can survive eliminating 85-90% of the customer base.


You hit it on the head when you said huge store. These big stores made up of numerous departments aren't much different than a shopping mall without the individual stores.

People work in one department and that's all they know about. Not much different than walking into a clothing store in the mall and asking where a cinnamon scented candle that is sold in the candle shop at the other side of the mall,,,they won't know.

If you need help finding what you need try shopping the smaller hardware stores like ACE. They will greet you at the door and take you to what you are looking for.

to You... Chicago, Illinois, United States #673791

Nicely stated. Everybody wants the small hardware store experience but are not willing to pay for it.

Quit your b*tch’n and support smaller family owned retailers. You probably also mindlessly shop at Walmart.

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