Purchase on Feb 13, of refrigerator not in stock in store, which is referred to as "special order" although it is clearly on their website. Given a delivery date of Feb. 28. Feb. 27th call informs me that delivery cannot be accomplished for two more weeks. I do not have a second refrigerator available for use. Could have purchased this item at Best Buy at same price but chose to buy at my local store very near my home.

4 weeks is 3 weeks too long to wait for such a necessary appliance, as well as Lowes received full payment the day of the order.

I called the customer service number. Nice representative told me she would contact the local store and put me on hold. After a wait of approx. 22 minutes I was cut off the call.

Lowes, your downward business trajectory is your own doing. I am going to Best Buy.

Review about: Lowes Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Why don’t you go to a local mom and pop store. Most have same day delivery since they don’t contract out their delivery. I would never buy a delivery item from a big box store.


If you need an appliance right away buy one that is in stock at the store. There is a good chance you ordered an LG refrigerator for the order to take so long.

You do realize LG is made in Korea, don't you? If they don't have it in the US warehouse it has to come from Korea which will take 3-4 weeks if its in stock in their warehouse in Korea.

If not you have to wait till more get built and shipped....who knows when that will be. The stores are at the mercy of LG and they aren't very good at communicating when the appliance will actually ship.

to Anonymous #1443613

I guess Whirlpool must be made in Australia because it took 2 1/2 weeks to get mine when the original delivery date was one week from purchase. No help or explanation from the local store crew.

to Anonymous #1443721

Whirlpool delivers out of their warehouse once a week. If the warehouse is out of stock the packing list will show backordered and it will show up the next week if it's in stock. Yes you see some delays but you don't have to wait for it to come on a boat from Korea.

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