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A store manager there wanted to take his anger out on me, so he accused me of stealing a four dollar tape measure I have never been in trouble in my life I had a tape measure hooked on my side still in the packaging that I was using to measure some brackets and I just left another Lowes worker, and he has seen it the whole time, so he accused me of stealing this he embarrassed me in front of a lot of people and then while he was doing that he called a deputy to come in and told her Deputy to handcuff me and take me to jail now I know the laws the tape measure on my side was still in the store I never come close to walking out the door therefore there was nothing stolen I have already contacted my lawyer and there will be a lawsuit

User's recommendation: Don’t go to Lowe’s.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: I want my Lowe’s card back and I want it to be fully paid off if not then legal will be contacting you because I have never been so embarrassed in my life.

Lowes Pros: Convenience.

Lowes Cons: Store managers that try to show authority.

Location: 1640 West Broad Street, Richmond, VA 23220

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Dude, no one puts unpaid product on their person. Why didn’t you put it in the cart? If it was in packaging as you said, how easily did it “hook into your belt?”


" had a tape measure hooked " I'll take you're leaving out a lot for $200.00 Alex. You silly muppet, what do you think people would think if they see a fool walking around with something they DID NOT pay for hooked to their belt.

You know you're wrong hence your attempt to pad your complaint with lame facts such as the cost of the thing. Your banal attempts at interpreting the law are also suspect.

How many normal people would even take a crack at shoplifting laws? You're either an idiot, a thief who was caught, or a fool trying to get a payday out of a setup incident.


Because when I had to leave everything all stores were closing so I could not get the materials that I needed for a job that was paying $500

@Emerie Ayr

Why did you wait so long, day before to shop for a job? What if you had to go elsewhere for an item.

You lost everyone when the deputy still handcuffed you.

They did not handcuff you because they were asked to. They took workers statement and assessed the situation.


How was your loss $500?

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