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This is the second time this happen to me when ordering from Lowes online. First you think your shopping from your local store but that is not the case.

They send your orders to several stores across the us. So you get different delivery days. Don't look for 3-5 days it takes some items over week. And then since ships from different areas your one bill charge turns into several charges which hard to track.

You look at tracking from lowes and its a joke!! you do not know where your order is. You go to the site of where it's shipping from and say delivery today yet item still across the Usa so don't think it will be here today..

I know if so important why not just go to store and get but disable and not able too! So Good bye Lowes and hello Home depot.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Lowes Cons: Poor online tracking.

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#1247653 order a toilet..? Garage door....?


Tub and shower....? What are you ordering from Lowes that you'd be able to install but unable to sit in a vehicle and drive?


First did you not see disable? Second I guess you do not order from any on-line companies?.


I think the being disabled was the point. What you going to install disabled? You'd think driving a vehicle while sitting on your *** would tend to be less strenuous than any home improvement install.


Was not a install item... Was a online deal