My husband and I shop Lowes all the time for everything. On January 17th at 11 AM, we purchased 5 packages of insulation on line. We used the EBATES search engine to go to Lowes.com as we always do. As always we used gift cards that we had bought had Giant Eagle of Lancaster- we purchased two 100 cards.

We went on vacation and when we returned, I called the Lancaster Lowes and asked how much longer for our order to arrive. i was then told there was no order for us... and our NIGHTMARE begins.

The order was processed as Ebates has a record of my order.. what happened at Lowes. com who knows. When I went back into my personal account on Lowes .com the order was now still showing still in my basket with the gift cards (numbers were blocked out) applied and stating no balance due. I tried to complete the order and received an error to call customer service.

I spent 2 HOURS with the customer rep as she put me on hold at least 1/2 dozen times. I told her I did not have the cards anymore as the order had processed on the 17th. She told me that even though my cart was showing gift cards were applied she could not process the order - she would need the gift card numbers. They would also not take my information from EBates that I had purchased the products on that date and I even had an EXACT TIME!!!. I again stated I had no idea how I was going to get them. She told me I would have to call my credit card company as well as Giant Eagle to see if I could get the numbers. She said once I did she could process the order. My husband was IRATE-- he then spent another HOUR on the phone with Crystal- a supervisor who reiterated that we needed to get the numbers.

After many more hours of phone calls I was finally able to obtain the card numbers from Giant Eagle. We called back Lowes. com. NOW they stated they were not able to process the orders with the card numbers as they needed the pins!!!!! My husband and I were both so irate at this time.......

we had spent OUR ENTIRE DAY trying to get an order that we had placed weeks ago and PAID FOR!!!!! Your system obviously has a major glitch.

The customer service rep(above) stated she would forward the matter to Lancaster Lowes manager.

Now, tonight I was on my computer and I remembered I had a password/ number saver installed and i was able to recover the Lowes cards numbers as well as the pin numbers !! So, I figured I would go ahead and just re do my order as I could not stand to be stressed, angered and dealt with so poorly by Lowes anymore..... BUT OF COURSE!!!! the cards are now showing they have NO BALANCE....


Words can not even begin to describe how ANGRY I AM right now..... I will be forwarding this email to Better Business and any and everywhere I can.

**** I want the products we ordered delivered to our home asap paid in full with the gift cards we PAID FOR. I also am requesting come compensation for the aggravation and completely POOR customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Gift Card.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Just so that I understand, you made a purchase online, paid(or tried to)for the order with gift cards that you bought from another party, and then get pissed at the local store because they don't know who you are or what you are talking about. To top it all off, you want Lowe's local store to complete an order that you say that you completed, using card numbers that they don't have and have no way to access the pin number that only you have. What could possibly go wrong?


they did NOT ask for bot product and gift card, just product paid for WITH the gift cards. DUH


I understand wanting to either receive your product or a refund of your gift cards, but not both. And what makes you feel entitled to additional compensation??

Because your day was ruined??

I've had plenty of nightmare phone calls to retailers, credit card companies, insurance companies, but never have I EVER felt entitled to more than what was necessary.