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I was looking up Lowe’s phone number and under NC it has PISSED CONSUMERS !! I would think you would be more business like I.

Your advertising !!! I will not shop a Lowe’s because of the language !! One hundred words to leave a message is Rediculous !!! God bless America and President Donald J.

Trump the best president we Americans have had since RONALD REAGAN !!! President Trump has done more in his tern to date than any other president ever!! More jobs lower taxes coming opening our factories and NO MORE CHINESE JUNK just AMERICAN MADE ITEMS !, Hallelujah !!!!

I still think I have 100 words for crying out loud !! POTUS ( president of the United States )

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Lowe’s using profane language under phone number “ PISSED CONSUMER !!!”.

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Other than providing a good percentage of it's content, Lowe's has absolutely nothing to do with Pissed Consumer.


Wow!! Lady you were using a search engine which will display everything Lowe’s related including this site.

Which is

Lowe’s is not sponsoring this site. Please gather some intelligence and put your glasses on.