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Well, I was online browsing to see how much pumpkins were going for and Lowe's had medium pumpkins for $1.00 so I ordered 3 and a variety pack of some smaller pumpkins.. Well, when I went in store to pick them up after receiving NO e-mails from them; I learned they had canceled my order. No e-mail was sent out that they were canceling my order, that there was a mistake or anything; Just an "oh I'm sorry and your money should be refunded back to your account.." Yeah well I don't care if they ever have any deals or sales or anything again - I refuse to buy anything from them ever after this *** experience.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: The company should pay the price and let the customers have what they bought & ordered. PERIOD..

Lowes Cons: Customer service received.

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You bought pumpkin online.

And got upset when you found out they had non left.

Did you call before you placed the order?

Or do you expect a minute by minute update from the store to the website.

That is diluted to say the least.

I hope one day things click in your head when it comes to common sense.

Remember those days when people would walk through a pumpkin patch and pick the pumpkins Or at lease walk through the store and found the one they liked.

By buying them online you are throwing all personal preference out the window. And you still would of bitched if you go ugly ones.