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I have never had so much trouble trying to purchase a washer and dryer. This is a timeline of my experience in Pearland and League City Texas.


1405 hours

Called Lowe's @ 281-412-6300. Was on hold for 6 minutes, 22 seconds and couldn't get a person to answer.

1411 hours

Called Lowe's @ 281-412-6300. Spoke with Naomi who said I can't pay over the phone. That took 11 minutes, 25 seconds.

2145 hours

Called 800-445-6937. Was told Naomi was wrong and they could order for me. The problem was that the dryer advertised on Lowes.com wasn't available. Why is it on the website if it can't be sold? This took 40 minutes, 23 seconds.

2231 hours

Called 281-337-9770. Placed an order over the phone but the dryer may not be available for 6 weeks. This took 53 minutes, 53 seconds.


1949 hours

Called 281-337-9770 to check on order. This took 14 minutes, 6 seconds.


0856 hours

Called 281-337-9770 to check on order. This took 23 minutes, 45 seconds.

The delivery team delivered the washer before the scheduled time frame. My daughter-in-law was at the store purchasing the hoses when they arrived early. We had to hook it up ourselves because they didn't come when promised.


XPO left a message stating that the dryer will be delivered on 06/13 between 1300-1500. In anticipation, my son pulled out the old dryer and moved it to the garage.


1046 hours

Received a message from 281-337-9770 that the dryer won't be delivered that day. My son had to bring the old dryer back in and hook it up.


XPO calls and schedules delivery of the dryer on 06/20 between 1130-1330.


0900: Delivery driver calls and wants to bring the dryer now. No one was home to accept the delivery because we made plans to be there from 1130-1330. The driver said he was going to Galveston and he was nearby now. I reiterated that it was scheduled from 1130-1330. 1330 comes and goes, still no dryer.

1405 hours

Called XPO to check on delivery. No change. This took 14 minutes, 47 seconds.

1705 hours

Still no dryer. Called XPO . They said delivery window had changed to 1400-1600. I wasn't informed of this.

1800: Delivery team arrives. Said they were late because of the rain. They refused to unload the dryer because my son questioned them on why they were not there at the scheduled time. At the time they arrived, my son was taking a TIMED test. He had to stop taking the test to talk with the (non) delivery team.

What is the point of the delivery window if they just show up when it is convenient for them?

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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