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I ordered a dishwasher on lowes.ca and the dishwasher showed as being in stock and available. I went ahead and paid for the dishwasher and completed the order with a pick up date scheduled for two daya later.

A day and a half later I get a call from lowes saying the item is not available anywhere in the province anymore ans they were cancelling my order and will issue a refund within two hours. Needless to say I was not impressed as the item was showing as available on their site when I paid for it. So either they dropped the ball on updating their site and inventory or they sold a product I paid for and then tried to cover for it. Pretty poor management and service.

On top of that, two days on and no refund has been issued on my credit card so I called lowes and was told by another rep that the first rep was wrong and it would take 5 business days for the refund to be processed.

So now I am stuck without a dishwasher I paid for or my money until lowes decides to send the money back and I can go buy my appliance from somewhere else. Needless to say I have no interest in dealing with lowes ever again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Credit Card.

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You think that is bad. I am going on 3 months now for the same situation!

I ordered decking material on 5/11, 28 orders all paid with Lowes Gift Cards. A week later they say they don't have that color, but they have a different color available. So I tell them I will take that. They tell me they can cancel the order but it will be 5 to 30 days to get my gift cards back so I can pay for the different color.I need the decking so I pay again for the color they have available.

A week later I receive 1 gift card in the mail for just one of the orders.I called them regarding it and they tell me I need to wait the 30 days before they can investigate. I call at 30 days. They tell me the other cancellations were on hold and they would release them. A few days later I get 8 gift cards in the mail.

I wait a couple of days and no more come. I call again, and they say they are sorry, some are still on hold and they would release them. A few days later I receive 12 gift cards. I am still out 7 gift cards.A couple of weeks later, after a surgery recovery, I call to deal with them again, figuring they still had some on hold.

This time they said they had sent all of the gift cards. They did not!

I received email notices for the 21 they did send periodically, and no email notices for the 7 that I didn't receive.It is now over 2 months from ordering and I am still out another $1K due to their screw ups, which they tell me they are investigating. I may need to take them to court to get the money back that they took from me!


They should give you a better one for the same price


charged me with out delivery or cancell:The order status was stuck in "In Process" for 10 days since my order date. When I placed the order it was available in store and for delivery, so I chose the Direct delivery.

tired of waiting I logged in to check the status and it has been changed to "Delivered" I did not get the product or any shipping or any other email from lowes.com. So I called CS and they tell me that Kobalt Vendor refused their order as it ran out of stock 4 days back.

But Lowes.com system charged my card and changed the status to "Delivered"! At least if you cant deliver or not in stock I expect an Cancellation email and prompt refund and not horrible shopping experience like this!


I had this exact thing happen with patio doors!!!


I'm experiencing something similar right now, also trying to order on Lowes.ca.Im purchasing drywall online and using a discount code - On the order summary page, the discount code is applied and gives me the total to be charged on my credit card. I hit Proceed/Process and the resulting invoice is for the non-discounted amount; the coupon vanished! I tried this several other times (we are buying lots of tile in small quantities at a time so we can transport it back home) and of the 4 other times I tried, the coupon code worked 1/2 the time, while the other two times claimed it was being applied, claimed my card was being charged the lower amount, and then dings my card for the full, non-discounted amount.Shame Lowes - Shame!


I completely agree with you. I recently had the same problem with Lowe's.

They are incompetent. They keep it up and Amazon will make them disappear.


Exactly the same situation here! I definitely will never order online from them again. My suggestion is that if you must deal with Lowe's , do it in person so you can hold their hand through the process!


Did u ever get your money back??


I had similar problem. I order a snowblower and paid for it but next I got call that they don't have one in stock and cancelled the order. It's very disappointing that lows has the lowest IT system will never buy from lows.


I hate how people have become so lazy to shop.

Go to the store and pick up the dishwasher.

You don't need to whine like a little baby.

@Revenge on ***sumers

If you are so against technology why are you online. Talking about being lazy you should not own any type of appliance at all.

You should not use electricity.

You should be Amish. Revenge on you

@Revenge on ***sumers

It's not that people are lazy!.. people are so busy these days it's necessary for services like this!

And to the other poster that asks why is it the stores fault? Really? Lowe's shows they had them in stock? ..

Lowe's should have went out of their way to get him what he ordered even if it had to come from across the country!.. it's called customer service!


How is this the stores fault ***. You ordered it off the .ca website.

They were out of stock.

Don't you think that they would want to sell you something and take your money?

If you need a dishwasher right away - call your wife...that's what I do and she's more than happy to come over.