I ordered the Blackstone Culinary Pro 28 In. Cabinet Griddle with Air Fryer on August 22 and still have not received it.

Shipping delays, China, COVID...I get all of that. It will take however long it takes. Though I have issue with that, my real issue is with the experience of the delays. I have now received 15 (FIFTEEN!!!) emails updating my delivery date.

Do you think I believe the latest date will not also get pushed out, probably another 15 times? How much better of an experience would it be to have under promised ("your order is delayed 3 months") and over delivered vs what is happening now? I know your supply chain only goes so far and then you're dependent on the vendors, but you do control your website and notification system (or maybe you outsource those as well, which, that's on you). Those systems can learn - if similar orders from similar vendors are also delayed, don't assume that 3 days later it will all be better.

In other words, your current automated system is dumb and could very easily be much smarter. Your website shouldn't say this item will be delivered in 3-7 days with a tiny footnote that says "maybe not" if you know there are 100 of these items on backorder.

I know all this because I work for a large company where I lead tech teams who build, develop and own a website and an automated back office process with customer notifications. I would fire everyone if this was what they developed.

So...update your systems so I can have faith in the next "order delayed" notification, update your website so you stop lying to customers about delivery timelines (consider hiring me and/or some of my engineers to help on the website), and/or at least offer a partial refund/rebate for the 15 emails and 3 phone calls I've dealt with on this order.



Location: Henrico, Virginia

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