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My wife and I purchased a refrigerator from Lowe's in Columbus, Georgia over Labor Day weekend (the first week in September). When it was delivered, there were scratches, dents, and obvious signs of it being a "floor model" which was not what we were told we purchased. We sent it back and were told that we would need to wait for a new one to arrive to the store. We were offered a refund, but that would result in us missing out on all the Labor Day deals that other stores had to offer at no fault of our own. On a positive note, Lowes did let us utilize the "floor model" until our new refrigerator could be delivered.

Now it's the 10th of November and we are still awaiting the arrival of our new refrigerator. We get occasional calls telling us that it will be delivered in a couple days only to receive another call notifying us that it hasn't come in yet. I received another call today from the delivery supervisor explaining that the refrigerator wont be here this week and an explanation that no one at Lowes seems to understand why we are still waiting on something that was purchased back in early September.

We have given up on complaining to the store management as they don't seem to offer any solutions, only excuses and finger pointing. We don't want to ask for a refund as it we would lose the great labor day deal that we got, so we're basically screwed into sitting and waiting until Lowes decides to finally deliver our new fridge.

It's a shame. The morning that we purchased the refrigerator, my wife and I were talking about cancelling our Home Depot credit cards and getting one at Lowes. For obvious reasons, that won't be happening.

I hope that someone at Lowes corporate catches wind of this so that I may actually get my fridge in a timely manner and an inquiry into why this happened is launched and whoever is at fault gets identified. It's obvious that the store management can't seem to fix it.

In the meantime, I guess we'll be glad to at least have the loner that Lowes provided and wait for the day that our September purchase is delivered.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Lowes Cons: Labor day purchace not delivered, Lack of urgency to fix this issue, Delivery of wrong product, No special offers as compensation.

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Got my fridge in finally. In regards to your comment, my answer would be that I want less jerking around.

I am not as educated as you probably are in this area, and all I get are weekly broken promises that it'll be delivered.

Had I been given the info that you provided rather than a weekly call telling me that it'll be in next week for about 2 months, I wouldn't be on this board.

Anyway, fridge made it and all is right with the world. lowes even let me keep an extra freezer shelf from the old one.


The delays are probably with the manufacturer. For example if you bought an LG in a color other than stainless steel it probably won't be available in their US warehouse.

It would have to be scheduled for production in Korea which can take 4-6 weeks then another 3 weeks to ship to their warehouse in Texas and another week to the store. They have offered a refund, they are letting you use a refrigerator, what more do you want?