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I'm extremely pissed with the Customer Service and over all service of Lowes in Newport News VA on Jefferson Ave. On 8 Nov I ordered a new door.

At the time I paid for it on the 8th their was a Veterans Day Sale of 10% off. As a Vet I wasn't given the discount. I went in on the 10th of Nov. and received the 10% but in doing so I was told the first order would be cancelled and the door couldn't be reordered until 12 Nov.

I was OK with that. On 17 Nov I heard nothing and called Lowes and was told the door was reordered on 12 Nov. Again noone called me to give me status so I went back on 19 Nov only to be told the first door arrived but they put it on the re-sale floor and sold the door to someone else. I had paid in full for the door so in essence they resold the door I had paid for.

On the 19th Lowes told me the second door was never reordered as I was told by the Lowes Representative on the 17th. Again no phone calls. I then told them I needed the door and to get it ordered. Lowes did absolutely nothing to expedite the order in fact the new door didn't arrive until 21 Dec 07.

By this time I've spoken to 3 asst managers and only one did what he said he would do. The Store Manager wasn't even aware of this because he was on vacation. The door finally got installed on 26 Dec 07. When I went back to the store I asked for the Store Manager Mr.

Jimmy Johnson (I said the same thing)I left a message for him to call me knowing he was back to work on 31 Dec. When I didn't hear from him I went to the store at 4 P.M. and when I spoke to him he told me he was real busy and planned on calling me on the 1st. At this point I was really pissed and asked him about customer service that a 1 min call to let me know he would be unavailable was just to much to ask.

I made an appointment with him on Thursday 3 Jan at 5 pm and he agreed that what happened was a gregious error on the store's part but was only willing to compensate me $150.00. I feel Lowes owes me the full cost back of $585.00 (after the 10%)for a 48 day delay or at the very least the cost of the door of $237.00. I've made 2 attempts to speak to the regional manager Mr. Paul Ierardi and even he has made time to call me back.

It's obvious to me that Lowes hasn't a clue on customer service. This is the second time I've trusted Lowes and the second time they failed. In Aug 05 I purchased a stove with delivery on a Monday the store didn't deliver the stove until that Thursday. At that time I was only given my delivery charges back.

After this I will no longer shop at Lowes even if they are the lowest price on items I want.

I will pass the word that they do not look out for their customers interests because if they did I wouldn't be writing this book.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

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First of was the store manager on vacation from Nov 8th to Dec 21st???? Not even the CEO gets that much vacation time, and employees are never allowed to take that much time in a row off.

#2...Promotions such as the veterans day promotion do not usually apply to special orders, and state so inside the advertisement and on tv ads.

#3...That first door that was supposedly "resold" was not yours anymore because you refunded your original order willingly. So...the order it was associated with was dead, and could EASILY be mistaken and resold you *** ***.

#4...the previous commenter was is because of people like you that our economy sucks. People like you who want everything for nothing cause retailers to jack up their prices which screw the rest of us out of good deals.



You want Lowes to pay your for shopping there and to give you the door for free? Yes it should not have taken that long and that was *** service!

But, why should they have to pay you? Especially more than the price of the door? That is retarded. You were lucky to get $150!

You got the door for less than half price! Did you forget that you received a door valued at $237? You have the door. "Hey, I want this door here.

Can I have it? Sure sir, that'll be $237. What? I have to pay you for the door?

I've got a better idea. How about you pay me to take this door that you paid $200 for." That is what you are saying and it makes no sense!

It's no wonder our economy sucks. Dumb Americans like you!