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I ordered and payed for a toilet 4/18 and was told it would be ready 5/2/11. Somebody called me to tell me the toilet was ready only to call later that only part of the toilet was ready.

Since then I am getting excuses every time I call and yet my card has been charged and I have made first payment on the balance. Today I called and I am told the part might arrive at night but they don't know if installer is available tomorrow. With all the inconvenience, I would think they would treat my case with priority. This company needs to do better if it wants to keep customers.

Customer service seems to be very poor and people don't know what they are doing. I am really unhappy with this situation.

Monetary Loss: $453.

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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #289597

It is actually 40% and although they claim to use "Licensed" contractors - flooring installers, handymen and delivery guys actually do most of the installs. The "licensed" guys are in the background to clean up the mess these yahoos make.

Anything from incorrect installation, to code violations, to hooking up LP to natural gas. You name it! On occasion you may get an actual plumber installing your toilet, faucet, or dishwashwer but that is the exception - NOT the rule. Buyer beware!!!

You def. get what you pay for when you use Lowe's Installers.


listen, i used to sell cabinets for lowes. IF ANYBODY BUYS AN INSTALL of these cabinets from lowes they are idiots you pay more for the installation of a cabinet then you do the *** cabinet. And lowes makes roughly a 70% profit on every install they pay the installer garbage and pocket the REST!!!!!!!!!!!

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