Saint Louis, Missouri

My wife and i were at the store in osage beach mo, shopping for items for a remodel home that we have purchased. We were in the small appliance area heading to the check out counters when my wife accidently bumped into an employee there.

there were two employees walkiing side by side and my wife walked into one of them and the man said move people. at first i thought it was a joke but by his actions and things said beyond that it clearly was not. One of the things i heard him say were this is why i would rather work the night crew. no customers...

after that we left all of our items in the cart and left. i did not see his name on his uniform but he was a very tall heavyset man.

due to this problem we had we will never shop at lowes again.

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I just wonder how much your wife weighs... 3-400 lbs? I mean, most people can sidestep others, but if your wife ends up running into the guy - then that must be a whole lot of woman....

Glenns Ferry, Idaho, United States #20215

he would have said he was sorry for saying it, or I would have beat his sissy ***!!! then gave him a one on one lesson in how to be polite to a woman who meant him no harm, in the parking lot .I bet his father has also taught him how to drink beer and beat his future wife.

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