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Went to purchase about $7K in custom cabinets from Lowe's. Spent a long time designing and putting it all together.

Got to the register to check out utilizing checks provided from my bank attached to a line of credit that is more than sufficient. Lowe's runs the check through Synergy to verify check, that would be fine if the people on the other end of the phone understood English. They declined the check because they could not understand English. Asked to speak to a supervisor was left on hold so long we finally gave up.

Lowe's we are done with you, we are building a house and will give you no more business. Give the business to verify your checks to an American business, if someone could have explained why the check was declined we would probably still be doing business, but your willingness to do business with this outfit is the end.

We know a lot of people in the building world and will share our experience with them as well. I realize it means nothing to you at Lowe's but I will do my part to convey our desire to see jobs brought back here to the USA

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It's time for Americans to start utilizing the mom and pop store rather than paying Lowes to hire H1B card holders (immigrants) and utilize India for all their call center issues including your credit cards & billing. I have always preferred Lowes over Home Depot but now they both are on my do not shop list.

I guess now when I need new appliances and other hardware items it will be the smaller non chain store. So much for being an American when the big stores prefer doing business in India.


All those people in the building world should also know that over 500 major retailers also use the same check verification system. You have most likely used plenty of these other department stores, grocery stores, drug stores, etc.


Excuse me but are you aware of this thing called the WORLD? Ever heard of globalization?

Companies engage in business activities all over the globe. This should not surprise you.


Gee thanks for the enlightenment from Dripping Springs Tx. Globalization is great and I am probably at least as aware of it as you are.

My beef is with a major company employing a service where the customer service personnel are unable to speak so that I understand them, and then care so little about their jobs that they leave me on hold at a cash register in a busy Lowe's with the employees of Lowe's equally as frustrated as I am. Keep the jobs here in the US....

We don't need to outsource this kind of work. And yes you are right it does not surprise me, UNFORTUNATELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!