Mineral Wells, Texas

I went to Lowes on Tuesday and priced shingles. They were $24.95 a bundle.

After talking, pricing, and looking with co-manager on Tuesday. On Sunday,I went to the store ordered and ask if they could hold them until July. I paid for the shingles and looking at my receipt I informed Crystal this was not the price I was quoted. She informed me this is what the computer prints.

I was charged $27.98 for thirty squares, this made my bill over $300.00 more than I wanted wanted to spend.

I was informed that I would have to come back to Weatherford on Monday and talk to the manager. I was to bring back my receipt and the ad in to get the price.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

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Why didn't you just cancel the transaction as soon as you realized it wasn't the correct price? Why is it you say you "went to Lowes" and then you say you have to "bring the ad"?

Was it in the ad, or did you see it at the store? Why are you trying to rip off Lowes?

My baby's momma's daddy's milk money depends on people spending the appropriate amount of money at Lowe's. Why don't you want my baby's momma's daddy to have milk?

Fat Mart cart rider

Yep another lamer


Another typical customer thinking they deserve last weeks sale price.