Duluth, Georgia
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I hired Lowe's for a fencing job (materials + labor installation + related cleanup). I paid all the money up front more than 1 month ago.

They said it will take 2 weeks for the order to come in and for the job to be finished. They also said they would have professional installers and all the right equipment. 2 weeks passed by and nothing happened. It's been 6 weeks now and they just now delivered to me part of the materials (not even all).

I have been calling customer service and Lowe's installation sales again and again. No answer. I kept calling the Lowe's agent/salesman that sold me the job. No answer.

Just today (more than 6 weeks after I placed the order) 2 handymen from Lowe's came by and removed 2-3 sections of my old fence. Then they looked at the rest of the work that needed to be done and said "This is not the type of work we do," "We don't know how to do this." Etc. They didn't have any equipment with them. I asked them "where is your equipment?" They said, "It's too much money," And then they just left.

They left the pieces that they removed - scattered in my yard - and they left my whole backyard exposed. Now I'm thinking I'm getting swindled by Lowe's. They are not professional contractors at all. I regret not going to The Home Depot or a professional fencing company.

I spent all this money just to buy a headache from Lowe's - not a professional fencing job. If I had known this is the kind of service I was paying for, I would have thought twice.

Thinking maybe I need to call a law attorney now. Will definitely be spreading the word about Lowe's terrible service.

Reason of review: poor service, delivery, and installation.

Monetary Loss: $7175.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Lowes Cons: Delivery, Installation, Contractor, Salesman, Customer service.

  • terrible waiting issues
  • Cheated consumer
  • No confirmation
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