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As usual a nightmare!! Nearly every interaction with Lowe’s turns into a pain in the ***.

It really sucks that we are forced to use them as they are the only large hardware store in town. Home Depot is more than 30 minutes away-the drive is feeling shorter every time I visit Lowe’s. As I have renovated my father’s home over the last several months I have spent thousands at Lowe’s on roofing, composite decking, plumbing, wiring, appliances, etc. Today I went in to pick up some insulation and a miter box table.

When I got up to the cash register to pay the bloodshot, glazed over, half open, “Stoned” look of my cashier Chad at the ProDesk checkout should have told me there would be problems yet again. Dad ran his card to pay but when he went to sign the stylus would not work. Chad stood there for nearly two minutes with a blank look on his face before saying “Oh that was just fixed try your finger”. Nope that did not work either.

Now thoroughly confused our Stoned out buddy Chad was really stymied. Again standing around for several minutes completely unaware of what to do the cashier directly across from him evidently saw the look of Chad’s last brain cell burning out and came over to try and help him. He suggested Chad call the ‘Head Cashier’ as and my aged father growing increasingly frustrated about technology he was ready to just walk away but we couldn’t as the transaction could not even be closed out. Finally after several more minutes Adele sauntered up and her first words were “Not again” then proceeded to give my father a hard time for not understanding why the transaction could not simply be cancelled and we could leave.

Adele said we had to wait for the transaction to ‘Time out’ so several more minutes passed as we waited. Dad’s leg, in a brace, was starting to get very sore and he was getting very wobbly. My dad was unable to sign so the transaction should never have gone through but sure enough it did so after timing out we wasted more time for Adele to process a refund. I HATE THIS LOWE’S location.

The employees have proven over and over they are ill trained, uninformed about the products they sell, and often even where they are located in the store. I will be praying a real home improvement store comes to Port Orchard.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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If it's to the signing screen the transaction has already gone through. God himself couldn't cancel it.

Yes sometimes equipment malfunctions but that isn't the fault of the cashier no matter how stoned.

I'm sorry you had a hard time waiting out the literal 90 second time out before the physical signing option. If you think that's crazy good luck in the real world.


How are you coming out ahead by getting a refund because of an equipment malfunction? Sound like you will have to drive 1/2 hour to Home Depot and 1/2 hour back. Hope the extra hour of driving makes up for the short delay you had at Lowes.


If I may?

I looked, there are several locally owned stores that sell many home improvement materials within 5 - 10 minutes of the Lowe's. Perhaps giving a local merchant a chance, rather than a big box with problems?


You certainly seem to put the "jack" in "jacka-s-s."


I can only assume you are either a Lowe's employee or a ***-possibly both. Your comment is so intelligent lol.


Simply pointing out how asinine it is for someone to repeatedly do the same thing and expect a different result. You even included the ole "old" and "disabled" catchphrases, which show you are nothing more than a dolt trying to get people to feel sorry for you.

I can only imagine that your father is embarrassed that you are named after him. Every time he hears you talk, I imagine he wishes he would have pulled out.


It amuses me the no life trolls with nothing meaningful to offer. I'll assume you simply cannot read or are a *****.

If you did you would see they largely have a monopoly but yes thanks for trolling and your asinine attempt at wisdom. I'll offer a tip as well get a life lol.