Erie, Pennsylvania
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I had a quart of paint mixed at Lowe's. Checked out they put it in a plastic bag.

I got out of my car at home, grabbed the bag walked into my garage. The bag ripped. The can fell out.. you guessed it..

lid not secure paint went everywhere. I had black jeans on. They are now splattered in paint. I went thru 2 rolls of paper towels cleaning up the excess paint.

I went in and called the store where I purchased the paint. Asked for the manager, explained what had happened and his reply to me was "What do you want me to do about it?" I was amazed at his lack of concern. Not I am sorry Maam I will gladly replace your paint.

I am going to the store today with empty paint can in hand and sure hope that I experience better customer service than I had on the phone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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It was a quart can of paint not a gallon and LOWES put it in the bag why wouldn't I think I could carry it in the freaking bag. LOWEs did not secure the lid after they mixed it.

Really? I am guessing you are the *** manager I talked to.


Why were you carrying the bag where it could rip? Shouldn't you have been holding the bottom of the can?

I am all for stores taking responsibility, but if you drop a can of paint, the lid is going to come off...

now, if it had just turned over and the lid came off you might have a better argument... I hope they didn't give your money back and told you not to go back to the store


i agree. Dropping a can of paint the lid is going to come off from the pressure.

No matter if lid was secure or not. Stuff happens


If you drop a can of paint, the lid will come off. If you drop a glass bottle of milk, the glass bottle will break.

Thin plastic bags rip, gravity takes over. Pilot error, pure and simple really.


Your right on CC !!!!


You dropped a can of paint and it opened. Big surprise there.

If you went to the grocery store and dropped your gallon of milk and it opened would that be the managers fault to. Talk responsibility for your own actions, it was your fault.