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I've had 2 instances of Valspar paint not matching.

In the first instance, I bought a gallon of paint at store A. After doing all the trim and 3 of the walls, I ran out of paint. Went to store B for gallon 2. Finished job but when it dried, it didn't match gallon 1. There was a significant difference in shades. Took some pictures, went back to store 2. They agreed paint did not match but suggested that I go back to store 1 since they sometimes have "tinting issues". They mixed the paint at store 1, didn't charge me. I applied gallon 3 to a small matched gallon 2. Instead of fighting them, I repainted all the trim and the other 3 walls. Lots of extra work but it looks great.

Instance 2. This time I bought 2 gallons to paint a room of smaller size than first room. Even though I was painting over white walls (with a light yellow paint), one coat was not enough. I only had about 1 quart left after one coat. When I ran out, I bought the 3rd gallon. Guess what??? It, too, doesn't match the first 2 gallons and this time I went to the same store (they even used the same machine).

I don't know who to turn to or what to do. Any suggestions?

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this is in regard to comment #1: If I wanted someone to show up half drunk and not finish the job, I would call my Uncle Ricky


Why is it that everyone thinks it is easy to paint?? I make more money fixxing other peoples mistakes than it would of cost them to have a pro do it right the first time around.So why not man up and stop blaming everyone else for your lack of knowledge??


On the other hand you may have experienced by the effect known as "picture framing". This sometimes occurs when you cut in a room then come back later to roll and the colors do not match from drying at different times. Always try to cut and roll so the paint dries evenly and you get a more uniform appearance.


Allways, Allways, Allways buy enough paint for the job, you know what buy more than your expecting mix it all togther and at the end you have at least some left over for touch up down the line


I am going to use your story to share with customers about why I ask them, when buying more than one gallon of paint, same sheen and color, to, when they are half way done with a can of paint, to go ahead and mix another half from another can in OR to out all gallons in a five gallon bucket and stir it. I always suggest this and ask clarifying questions to better understand what each situation is calling for.

I am sorry you went through that tough experience.

It wasn't Valspar's paint that had the issue; it was just not enough information given to you.By now, I am sure you have the painting technique down. :) I hope your other experiences there are much better.


Always buy enough paint to do the entire job at once. Paint tint machines are calibrated and purged daily this can cause a slight variable in color.

Also lot numbers from the factory can vary as well. So if you dont buy enough expect the possibility of doing another coat


1st, always buy enough paint to do the job. 2nd, read the directions on the can.

The directions will tell you to intermix multiple cans to assure a color match. There are a lot of reasons the colors from 2 cans don't match. There may be variations in the tint base from one lot to the next.

There can be variations in the colorants used and lastly the machine dispensing the colorants may be off a few drops of colorant. This may be an expensive lesson but go out and buy enough paint to do the job right.