Frankfort, Kentucky

Just left local Lowe's, the paint department has young girls no very friendly and do not know the products.I wanted a floor and porch paint tinted, she said I could only have what was on the chart. The chart stated that it could be tinted with any Valspar color.

This is the second time this week I have painted my front porch, the first time I used the Rescue paint as advertised on tv. It is terrible, shows every foot print. So I went to Sherwin Williams. I got better service.

At Lowe's only two working and the line was long.

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I worked at Lowes, a very short time, until I could get another job in the previous industry I worked for. There was one department I was completely qualified for.

There is hardly any training and no cross training. They would randomly put me in the paint department because the paint specialist went to lunch, went home, etc. I'll be truthful and say I probably messed some things up, but I always take responsibly. I didn't like working for a corporate company and mistreatment of employees.

Went back to a small company who does not micromanage. It's unfortunate, but they have employees who cover a department that are not qualified, someone has to do it, Lowes is usually short staffed, especially in the evenings.


Stand in their shoes for an hour? Really!!!

Not trained properly- organizations fault- underpaid is their fault period!! They accepted they position, they should take pride in their work and treat a customer with respect and if they don't know the answer, get the answer from management!!

Stop making excuses for the middle class, this is a time when we should stick together against these companies not treat each other like ***. Point the finger at the culprits LOWES for taking advantage of the in employment rate and hiring in qualified people to serve the people that make them rich.


What do you expect for service when these people are poorly trained and grossly underpaid. Stand in their shoes for an hour and see what it is like.