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On the morning of 6-30-16/Thursday at approximately 10:30am I went to paint department in Waco, Texas to get 1 more gallon of Valspar paint mixed for me (the Valspar paint I purchased 2 days earlier was not enough). I was told by both employees working there they were out of the semi-gloss/interior base and their truck would not be in until Tuesday/July 4th (being 6 days later).

I told them that I was on my 2nd coat, having 2 walls coated with 2nd coat before I ran out, ergo I needed 1 more, asking "what I was supposed to do"... the lady that was working in paint department at the time responded "I can make it in another Valspar base sheen" (dah, why in the *** would I want a different sheen when I had two of four walls in same room to paint a 2nd coat on). Since both paint center employees said they would not have more for 6 days, "I" asked them to call the Temple TX Lowes (40 miles away from me on I-35 that is a traffic nightmare under construction) to see if they/Temple had any. Temple did have the Valspar base that was needed ...

they did so and learned Temple had 16 gallons on floor/shelf and an entire pallet in back). I them called Temple on my cell phone, told them that I was the person from Waco that needed the Valspar (they offered to hold a gallon of Base at the paint counter). I drove to Temple (took me 1-1/2 hours travel time plus gas). When I arrived at Lowes/Temple paint department (approximately 1:00/afternoon) I was welcomed by a very nice/professional guy that promptly mixed the color I needed; I told him what happened in Waco, his response was there was really no reason why Waco Lowes couldn't have called them and had some of the Valspar base sent over from Temple to Waco (or supply brought in from Dallas) either next day/Friday or Saturday which would have been fine with me (BUT WACO LOWES didn't tell me this or offer to do ANYTHING at all ...

they just said "no more Base until Tuesday/6 days later). Upon getting the paint in Temple, I went back to Waco and "VOICED my outrage" for lack of customer service (they hadn't offer to have next day/Friday or Saturday, it was to be 6 days before more would be in stock, told me NOTHING about their being able to get more Valspar Signature Base from Temple by next day or Saturday instead only truck comes on Tuesday/6 days later ... I asked to speak to the Lowes store manager in person, what I got instead was some young lady (not the store manager, she might have been a sub-front in register manager); she offered me a discount on 1 gallon of paint I drove to Temple to get, I was still so mad about this I could have chewed nails and spit tacks, so she credited my card back for the cost of the paint. I am sure there will be many others who want/need Valspar Signature paint (going to Waco store to get it) between today/Thursday and next Tuesday when their truck is supposed to come only to be told "out of stock until next Tuesday, some of them will leave and not wait (buying something other than Valspar Signature since they are the only paint store in Waco that has it, True Value Hardware in Hewitt/Tx that is a suburb of Waco carries some Valspar but not the signature series), with the rest having to drive 40 miles (80 miles round trip) to get it.

We have two Home Depots in Waco, they will be the ONLY place I go from now on when I need paint, they don't have Valspar but they do have Sherwin Williams and Behr that are excellent brands as well.

The $24.88 was refunded by Waco/Lowes, they showed it as "return" 16359, transaction #21313893 on 6-30-16 from the paint I purchased at the Temple Tx Lowes; which is about the best that I was going to get, but the b.s. I went through today was a "total lack of customer service by Waco Tx Lowes paint department

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Lowes Cons: Total lack of service and cooperation.

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The only poor customer service you received was from the guy who popped off that it could have been sent to the store closest to you. While it CAN be done, it is seldom worth it.

They have to put your item on a delivery truck, staffed with a minimum if 2 people each paid well over $12 an hour and then spend the 5 hours round trip YOU are so outraged about not delivering appliances etc. AND thete is no guarantee all this would have happened any sooner than the 6 days you were originally quoted.

Worst of all you would have likely THEN believed that the delivery trucks were at your beck and call to bring any item from any store at any time you wanted it. I feel your pain and HATE that the 2nd employee so poorly managed your expectations...