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My wife visited the Lowe's in Alabaster the morning of June 2, 2017 to get a quart of paint to be used over some repairs made on the exterior of our house until we can re-paint the entire house later this year. She took in the paint can we purchased a few years ago to match as close as possible.

The associate made a gallon when my wife clearly asked for just a quart. It was then communicated by the associate that a quart could not be made because Lowes did not have the base, huh?

Instead of discounting the gallon, my wife left went to Home Depot and got the quart required. This was our last attempt to do business with Lowes and I can assure you that neither my wife nor myself will ever walk thru a Lowes door again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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shop at Home Depot a few times and you'll come up with a dispute about something there too


If the are out of the quart size, the are out of the quart size. Have you ever gone into a store to buy a shirt or pair of pants and they were out of your size?

Bet you wouldn't be stomping your feet and swearing you wouldn't be back.

Grow up and realize any store may be out of a product on any given day. Bet the difference in price between a quart and a gallon was only a few bucks....was her gas and time worth going elsewhere?

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