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I used to frequent Lowe's on a regular basis. NEVER AGAIN!

I WILL NOW ALWAYS GO TO HOME DEPOT. i went to Lowe's in North Conway, N.H. to purchase a small can of paint. The employee did not put the lid on properly.

It was night time and I put the bag on the back floor of the vehicle. Upon arriving to my destination, I picked up the bag, not realizing the paint had spilled everywhere and as a result it got on my clothes and all over the back seat and carpet of the car. The store was closed when this occurred, so I called first thing the next morning. After speaking with a manager I went back to the store to show the manager the damage.

He told me to call their insurance company, Hartford Insurance on Asylum Avenue in Hartford, CT., who gave me the runaround for months, was extremely rude and blatantly lied about when I returned to the store to show the manager the damage, claiming I did not return until two weeks later. They closed the claim without paying me a dime. This is a blatant violation of the Consumer Protection Laws under deceptive business practices. Lowe's cost me hundreds of dollars as a result of their employees negligence and couldn't even have the decency to make good on the claim.

I have made sure I tell everyone I meet not to shop at Lowe's because of this and hope as a result they lose 100x the money they defrauded me out of, in lost sales.

I have made numerous major purchases since at Home Depot, who have gone out of their way to be helpful and courteous, something Lowe's and Hartford Insurance obviously lack. How appropriate that Hartford Insurance is located on Asylum Avenue, since that is where these low life nut jobs obviously belong.

Reason of review: Damages incurred due to employee negligence. Employee did not put lid on paint can properly..

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: My damages were in excess of $2500.00 at the time, being damage to the car carpet, leather gloves, jacket and pants. I submitted all estimates at the time to Hartford Insurance after showing the damage to the store manager. I am open to a settlement..

Lowes Cons: Lack of response, Poor customer service.

  • Defrauding Customer
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Or you could have checked the lid yourself and put it in the car properly, instead of playing the blame game. Who says the responsibility of checking the lid falls on the seller and not the consumer who tosses the can of paint in the back seat?


I'd question how you were driving and whether you stopped at the bar on the way home. You obviously slamed on the brakes or took a corner very fast in order to tip the can over.

Most people would have heard it tip over and checked it. Face it, the lid didn't just jump off the can and paint hop out all over the car.

You wouldn't have had this problem if you were driving responsibly. Call your insurance company and file a claim with them.