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We recently had a home fire and are in the process of rebuilding our home. We have tried to shop the Terre Haute Lowe's home improvement store, but every single time we go into the store, we have a horrible customer service experience.

They have lost thousands in revenue just from me. They really need to get rid of almost every employee, and replace them with people who are actually helpful and want to work. Right now, all of their employees act like they are annoyed if you have a question, and they act like they are too busy to help. So far, my bad experiences have been in plumbing, kitchen and appliances, and flooring.

I'm not giving them a chance for any other bad experiences. My name and email:

Seth Stockrahm

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So you want them to feel sorry for you because your house burned down. Whatever happened to do it yourself?

Dallas, Texas, United States #809521

Sounds like you have a bad attitude.


Lowe's sucks a big time


Could it be your attitude? It's odd to find that no one in the store meets your expectations.

Because you are working on a large project are you expecting everyone to ignore other customers they are already working with and be your personal shopper? (You'd be surprised at how often this happens.) As a salesperson, there isn't much more irritating that having someone interrupt a discussion of details of a customers project by someone thinking their project is more important and urgent.

Each project deserves the proper attention and time to assure the details are correct. Have patience if you want yours to go smoothly as well.

to Anonymous #778456

You must be working there. Anonymous, huh?

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #770491

That is because they ony pay min.wage you will not get anyone knowledgeable for that little money

to me #775146

The people who are acting like that may only make minimum wage. I'm paid $18 an hour and have never had a customer complain about my service.

I go extremely out of my way to make people happy when they walk in my door. Even when they are quite clearly in the wrong.


One, maybe two bad experiences.

To compound your problem you write to this useless site instead of to Lowe's.

I can see why your house burned down.

to YouAreTheProblem #778458

It's more than one or two bad experiences, I can assure you of that. However my house hasn't burned down.

What THAT has to do with anything, anyway?

Furthermore, this site isn't useless. I am emailing links to all of my friends, raising awareness.

Their houses btw will not be burned down, to your dismay.

Lowe's is unresponsive, write all you want. :grin

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