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In late August of 2016, we started the process of ordering a Pella patio door through Lowes in Cranberry Twp. We had previously purchased a Pella front entry door and had it installed through Lowes and all went well (so far).

That initial purchase/ installation went relatively well, so Pella/ Lowes were at the top of the list for the patio door. Then the fun began! It took almost a month to have the door successfully measured and ordered. The order went in and full payment of almost $6000 was made in October 9 due to poor communication at Lowes and multiple visits to our house to verify the door.

The door was received by Lowes in October 26 and the earliest installation date we could get was December 9. When the installation contractor arrived with the door to install, he realized that the door was damaged. A new door was ordered on December 11 (which turned out to be only parts that were damaged – reusing the rest of the order). Lowes called on January 5 to ask how the installation went – having no clue that the installation did not occur.

The new door/ parts arrived on January 16, 2017. The earliest that the next install could be scheduled was February 8, 2017. The morning of February 8, the contractor called from Lowes and said that the new door was damaged and that the remaining good parts from the original door were now damaged as well. The local sales rep from Pella called apologizing and stated that we would get priority to get a 3rd door ordered properly, that we would be compensated very well for our troubles and that the whole scenario would be evaluated by Pella to improve process.

We would receive our door as soon as possible (5-10 days). Called the rep after 10 and 12 days, left message and received not return call (and still have not to this day from Pella). On February 24, 2017, Lowes called again to ask how the installation went. On February 28, received a call from Lowes that the door was in and that the contractor would call that day to set up a new appointment.

Talked to the installation contractor on March 1, 2017 to schedule the 3rd installation attempt – the soonest it could be was March 13, 2017. The contractor went to the store a couple days early to make sure that the door was good. The local Lowes store manager called on March 11, 2017 to inform us that the third door was damaged as well. Seriously – three doors and all damaged!

Lowes had our money since October 6, 2016 and we still don’t have a door. It took a few days to have a credit applied to our Lowes credit card and had to wait 3 more days to request a check to receive the money back from the Lowes credit card company. We finally received our check March 25, 2017 (at least that worked out) – 7 months from the start of this whole process. Now we get to start the process all over again.

The whole process was quite frustrating, disappointing and sometimes almost amusing (for how bad it was at times – hardly believable). Lowes communication was horrible. We were ridiculously patient throughout the whole process as we just wanted it to work out, but it did not. Communication between the installation department (local and regional), the contractor and us was very spotty, inefficient and frustrating.

Departments within Lowes were unaware of progress, status, etc. (e.g., the several calls received asking how the installation went – when it never did). The quality of the Pella product apparently has dropped – three orders, all bad! We have since heard from friends in our area who had similar experiences.

Lowes said that they would send a $100 Lowes gift card to us due to all of the trouble we went through, but we have not received anything – a call, gift car or other. We called the central installation team (in Indianapolis) for follow-up and they did not return calls either. Pella has done nothing since the one mid-process call from the local sales rep – who didn’t return subsequent calls. I guess each just figured that they lost a customer, so why try further.

We have no idea if Pella just provides substandard product through Lowes so that their more direct contractors get better product and they can therefore charge much higher prices or if Pella quality is dropping. However, again, the experience was very frustrating and disappointing to the point that we can no longer trust Pella for quality and even Lowes for their installation services.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pella Door.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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