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Lowes in Erie, Pennsylvania - Waited 20 min. for assistance, numerous workers, they were all BSing.

Wanted to make numerous purchases at Lowe's Erie Pa. upper Peach Street at 7/16/10. 11am totaling around three thousand dollars,bathroom vanity, granite top, faucet, flooring, toilet, and odds and ends, requested assistance from several staff only to be told "that's not my area" pressed the help button four times over a 20 min span, it kept on flashing, but no help arrived.Staff seemed to be too busy socializing with each other, service desk seemed not to care. My wife and I went to Home Depot where we received fast and knowledgeable assistance and made our purchase.
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Helpful Hint:

Actually, the button canceling you hear at the end of the day is NOT to lower the average time. While it is true that each department in the store gets graded on average time to answer buttons (company goal is 60 seconds; my store's goal is 45 seconds), the number of button hits is also tallied up.

The more button hits you have in your department, the more it looks like you're nowhere to be found. So, if employees were hitting their own buttons, they may lower their average time by a second or two, but they would be raising their button hits as well.

This is not something they would do. The buttons are actually tested every night in order to make sure they are all operable, as batteries do wear out and sometimes the programming can be lost.


Actually, Helpful Hint, the button canceling at the end of the day is NOT to lower the average time. True, that the store gets graded on time (company goal is 60 seconds -- my store's goal is 45 seconds), but the store/department ALSO gets graded on the amount button hits.

The more hits, the more it looks like you're not in your department ready to help.

The end of day button pressing is merely to test each button to make sure they all work. Batteries wear out, ya know.

Les from Lowe's


I also had the experience of getting no help, so went to Home Depot and bought my washer and dryer. Also we are now waiting for Lowes to deliver a micro, oven, and dishwhr.

(I should have given HD a chan ce to match theri price) Already 2 weeks past promised date and still getting no specific date. Buy from Home Depot - their delivery was top notch.


hey just want lowes take my name off the return i can return items.I have shopping lowes for 15 year love the store on battleground greenboro,N.C.the told me to get touch with lowes. need your help,thank you


If you want service at Lowes, keep pushing the customer service button. It is on a timer and the employees have so many seconds to answer them.

The total time is tallied and averaged at the end of the day. If they go over the alloted time, they get reamed out. If you are in the store at closing time, you will hear the "help needed..." calls everywhere.

They push the buttons and immediately cancel the call, thus cutting down average response time. Lowes employees think of these buttons as the "button of death".

This will help next time you visit Lowes.

Fat Mart cart rider

Peoplenlikr you can never be helped. You ask for help yet when the person helping you gives you an answer suddenly you know more than the associate.

Or you get mad cause you see ALL those associates that won't help you. Maybe hey have NO clue how to work plumbing. MAYBE the plumbing associate went to lunch.

Would you rather have help from someone with experience or just some lowly cashier that has NO fing clue. Grow a brain and think about *** before posting.


you got helped fast at depot cause there tring to keep from going bankrupt


I have the same experience at Harrisonburg, Va store . 300? emplotees and only 3 working...

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Lowes in Allentown, Pennsylvania - Lowe's is rude company

some of the people that work at Lowe's are very rude.they sit on the forklift and won't move when you are trying to get through the aile and when you ask for help they act like it the end of world. then when you apply for a job they won't hire you because you were terminated from your former job every one makes mistakes , I will no longer shop at Lowe's any more also prices keep going up on their products every day, how can the average person afford to buy their product in this day and age. mgw
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Happy lowes employee wow just proved *** thanks:)


Fork lifts or any other power equipment cannot be moved without a spotter.PERIOD! It is a class a violation and the operator will be terminated.

Last time I looked, there were other aisles you could have taken. We deal with idiots like you every day


Did you ever think that they might have extreamly strict safety regulations? If you or another customer are within ten feet of the lift it can not be moved. Also they most likely have another customer waiting on them for the product they are getting.


You're just jealous b/c I look so badass on my forklift and they won't let you drive one. They won't even let you push the wheelie stairs around. Was your "mistake" at your last job the five fingered variety?


you have home depot tp bother....good luck there


Obviously you are angry because you were not hired so you are badmouthing them. Why were you terminated from your other employement, probably because you too were sitting on the forklift and acting like it was the end of the world when you were asked for help.

Perhaps you are describing yourself. Prices going up, happens everywhere, it's called inflation buddy.

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Lowes in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Sent wrong dryer after waiting 22 days for gas dryer. c

we bought a gas dryer samsang and have been waiting for them to deliver this dryer since june 12 2010. on friday june 25 (so much for next day) they came but had an electric dryer and not gas dryer we bought on june 11. called today june 28 and said only couple more weeks and we should have dryer. my question to lowes? we bought new dryer on june 11 as ours broke and they next day service, well it has been 22 days and wash is piling up. will not buy anything from lowes again as they got me once but never again. don clayton
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Read the sign ***, it's says next day on in stock products! You are an unreasonable person, it's samsung holding up the delivery not lowes.


let he that is without sin cast the first stone. for all the customers they have seems like very few complaints!

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Lowes still sucks at Deliveries

I can sum it up. DO NOT PAY ....DO NOT EVER HAVE LOWES DELIVER anything for u. EVERY time we have tried the have screwed it up. I give up! They try to give you a floor model even though you told them YOU WANTED IT IN A BOX ...bad bad bad. Lowes management even screwed it up. It wasn't the deliever guys fault its the management.. they suck...REALLY P.O. PA LOWES CUSTOMER. WILL NEVER HAVE THEM DELIEVER FOR me again and will never try to buy a grill from them again. It seems to me like they no longer care about customers?
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I 100% agree. It took them 6 weeks to get my sliding door in, 3 more weeks to install it - THEN it wasn't the right door, so I am now having to wait 3 more weeks for the right door to come in. I will NO longer buy from Lowe's.


I TOTALLY AGREE!! I spent days waiting for Lowes get it right.

And this went up to the store manager level and it still kept getting messed up. I will never shop at Lowes again!!

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Lowes in Carlisle, Pennsylvania - I HateYour Website!

I have a horrible time logging in, I tried to find out if I paid off my 6/12 promotion on time and I was told I will have an answer in 14 days...great! I can't log on and when I did get online I had a horrible time finding my way around! As a former employee this is frustrating, imagine me in customer service trying to explain this to anyone! NICE! a fine example would be Encompass Insurance...I go online, type in my account number and my zip code and BING! I am online and able to make my's fabulous! I can't wait until this bill is paid off and I can close out this account! I am obviously NOT happy...
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Eh, you understand this website isn't Lowe's right? How to pay your bill: go to the bottom of the page, click "Lowe's Credit Services". Phew!


Eh, you understand this website isn't Lowe's right? How to pay your bill: go to the bottom of the page, click "Lowe's Credit Services". Phew!

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Lowes in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania - Not have products ready and no help

2 days ago I spent 1900 dollars at the store and it was supposed to be ready for pickup on sat. The contractors wennd t to pick up the items and nothing was ready. Nobody would help them, They had to retreive the items themselves and load everything themselves, I have to pay them to pick stuff up, which now is more because they waited for help and nothing was ready. Ihave more stuff to buy and I don't think I'm going to Lowes I don't know employees involved. One employee did come up to them and asked them if they needed help. They were told to go to the bath area and this person was going to meet them there but never showed up. I think this is poor service t
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Lowes in Latrobe, Pennsylvania - Trying to buy a rubbermaid shed

Am a single senior citizen,and asked the garden manager to assemble and deliver a shed.He told me they could deliver but not assemble after delivery.They weould assemble at store but wouldn't deliver it.Being my age,I could not do this myself.What to do???This is the Lowes store in Holly Ridge,NC. Sincerely, Jeanne Underwood PS I have been shopping at this store since it opened it's door with total satisfaction until now.This manager caused Lowes to hinder a sale.It was a Rubbermaid medium $399.00 storage shed.Thank you very much.
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Lowes in Latrobe, Pennsylvania - Veterans discounts

stores are now asking for photo IDs. these are not available only to active,retirees and those needing medical care. Millions of us vets have IDs,discharge and dd214s. Don't you trust your cashiers enough to compare these items along with drivers licence photo? I hear weird stories how this came about from store employees,fake IDs,forgories,not wanting to give vet discounts because its cutting into profits etc. Give us a break we've sure earned it.You're forcing us to go to Home Depot who gladly honors our IDs without Question maybe thats the place for us to shop.
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So you signed up for military service solely to get discounts at retailers? Thanks for serving our country. Now get your priorities straightened out and quit leaching off of society.


if you are single and make more than 30,000 per yr. you are not eligible for the va id card.

so if you are homeless you can get a card.

if you made a success of you life after you risked it you are screwed. thanks lowes


Some of home depot in the Philly,Pa. Area don't take the ID


Went to lowes with my US Veterans ID Card, with picture on it , they said only retires and active duty Id's would be honered.

Guess i will not take all my business to lowes anymore.


I cannot stand when customers shove their I'D in your face, and they do it all the time. I don't need any man shoving anything in my face.

I see it. I am not blind. There are those that appreciate the discount, but the majority of them are so nasty. People do not realize what a strain this puts on us cashiers and head cashiers.

I am constantly having to run from garden to commercial sales and everywhere in between to get overrides for military. It is stressful to try to be in several places at once.

Lowes just needs to make the store 10% and call it a day. All this does is *** me, the cashier, the customer, and the customers behind them off.


This past weekend, my wife told me about the military veteran's discount at Lowe's. This was being offered in honor of Veteran's Day 2011.

Upon respectfully inquiring at the cash register about the discount, while wearing my U.S.Army jacket (only available at Military Clothing Sales), we were abruptly informed that an active duty I.D. would be the only acceptable form of "Proof of Service". They followed this up with stories of fake IDs, similar to the ones stated on this website, and with the same verbosity. Honestly, we don't demand special consideration for veteran status.

Lowe's publicly advertised & offered this discount on their website's front page.

We certainly do not appreciate being lured down there to spend our hard earned money under the pretense of honoring veterans, only to be treated so disrespectfully by this retailer's staff. Numerous employee's were contacted & became involved, because the cashiers were clueless about the discount even being offered at all, but were very confident in telling us about the fake IDs they get all the time.

I will be taking this latest experience into consideration when deciding where to take my business in the near future.


Went to the DMV with my DD214 to get the Armed Forces stamp. I thought it was nice gesture that Lowes was offering Vets a discount.

Spent the money and time for the stamp and then Lowes no longer accepts the stamp. Dissapointed to say the least.


both of my lowes accept my VA card with no questions ask


i work at Lowes. We stand by military discount and HAVE for the 6 years I have worked customer service.

We take Military issued ID cards and VA cards, NOTHING else unless military holiday then u can use DD214 along with state ID.

You wouldnt believe some of the fakes I have seen. You can get a VA card by applying for it, just like your "free coffee" card.


Lowes does honor military discounts. You must be active or retired for year round discounts.

All other military is honored on designated days or holidays determined by the company.

You would be surprised how many Lowes employees are in the military and do not have an issue with this policy. Sometimes people just think the world owes them.


I come for generations of veterans and they deserve the highest honor, or would lowes like to tell the widow her spouse died in vain :upset


Vet Admin gives you a photo ID card wether you use their medical or not, just apply for it. If this is TOO hard for you to do you dont deserve the discount.


Not true. The VA issues cards only to those receiving medical care for service-related injury or illness. Do your homework.


Discounts honored by stores, are at the stores discretion, however they want to handle it is however they want to handle it.

Its their merchandise, in which they paid for. You do have the option of going to Home Depot if you are truly dissatisfied.

Not all Vets are rude, but majority do have this feeling of entitlement. They feel as if they have served their country and they are entitled to free things, discounts, etc.

We do thank you for serving your country. And we do as country offer many benefits to Vets and active military members. Unfortunately, we can't offer you a lifetime free pass, some of the benefits do have to come with restrictions and limitations.


I went to Lowe’s yesterday to get items for a weekend project and was told they no longer give a veterans discount. When I went to push my cart that had $450 of supplies asides and leave, I was told that they would go ahead and give me a discount just for today.

I noticed after check they did not give me a discount. I called Lowe’s customer relations and all I received from them was disrespect and someone from the local would be calling me…… No calls!

I am a veteran that owns a small company with an advertising budget. For the next year I will devote that budget towards advertising against Lowe’s for disrespecting military veterans until I see an ad from Lowe’s apologizing for their conduct.


I'm still stand with are vet's


you'r elders have the get over you'r self.what are you five?


I got you'r grammar.snob. from the front line.




I'm a vet and. you and lowe's can blow....


Lowes has a right to put restrictions on their discounts. If you don't like it shop somehere else plan and simple.

I for one think it is ok for them to give the discounts to active duty military members only.

We have too many "old heads" coming in wanting discounts just becasue they fought in some war 50 years ago. Get Over Yourselves.


Ha hope your going to need hope when one of us old vets finds your *** ,then you can get over it.


Hey, coming from an Iraq Veteran. Listen here..

Nam, WW2 and Korea vets fought to keep this world free from Fascism and Communism. I wish we could send you Baghdad to see charred bodies, children beheaded and dismembered... You get the picture.... but, no you're too busy with working at Lowe's...

Aim High! You succeeded.

No College, No Military Service.... Do you even have a GED?


so, reading the grammar and spelling errors, there's either a lot of illiterate Vets posting here or the same guy is posting in different names to agree with himself. Coming from a military family I'd have to assume the latter since most of the military types I've met are very intelligent.

Side note: The military discount at Lowe's is only for active duty/retirees. Anyone can do a single tour of service or get kicked out of the military, this is intended for those currently serving our country/those who dedicated much of their lives to this cause.

@Tim Thomas

You do know that at one time the Services were not filled with "Choir Boys"... Actually, when I served many guys I spoke with at Benning during OSUT had some questionable past experiences...

If you go by the standards set forth today. In all actuality they used some down right dirty recruiting tactics to get these guys enlisted for the invasion in 03, surge in 07 etc. Now, most of them have been forced out because of guys like you... You know...

the type that never left the FOB and flew a desk for 20.... OH SNAP POG! Anyway, most of these guys you speak of either meet the above description or they were draftees (HINT) : The draft boards established for WW2, Korea and Vietnam I have heard were not too worried about ones intelligence quotient. This belief you have of military types being extremely intelligent is quite misleading.

I know for a fact I would not want you watching my six.


A guy who actually went outside the wire.

P.S. How many 18B's, 11B's, 12B etc...

Do you know who want 20+ plus years of PTSD, Painkillers to function and Benzos to sleep?


you all stand together and get others to do so and we mite get in lowe's bottom line.let them give all the vets respect which has bin earned thanks to all of you .


i'm with you . I have to drive 25 mills moor to another store but I can do so for those who put it on the line for us shame on lowe's.


110TH stand with are seebees. get it done.


my ID Not up to lowe's standards .


I got the same cold blank *** from lowe's .my Id not up to lowe's standards .






I will stand with you 100%. I will not stand for it. no need for lowe's to degrade are vets let that be the bottom-line.


I wen't to lowe's showed my ID and a 17 year old smart *** told me my ID was not good for was outdated . like now it is out dated I'am not a vet now . I don't need that from a snot and I don't need lowe's .


I wen't to all home depot and got one.I just show id.


I stand behind them 100%. do you know how many people ask for military discount who are not eligible?

Do you know how many dirtbags stand out on street corners with signs CLAIMING to be veterans? Also, what home depot are you going to that offers military discount?

I've always been refused. I am a loyal Lowes shopper.


a vet is a vet.a id is a id . f lowe's.


a vet is a vet.a id is a id . f lowe's.


lowe,s is just wrong. and I will stop shopping at lowe's.


did it to me to.


you know lowe.s think,s if lowe,s tern a blind eye to us we will go away . not me I will never go back to them .

I will go to a mom and pop store and pay moor . I,m a vet to.


stand up with all and go to home depot.


go to home depot. thay will honer it.


me .I will stop the sopping at lowe.s .


lowe's blows.I'm a vet . and I just stopped shopping at lowe's.


It is greed .lowe's put on a big bad i'm for are vets till the line comes down and when the press is not looking and hang on.


lowe's refused my id .I went to a american store and had no hassle I went to home depot.


I will go to the depot to get my wood .I wont go to lowe's it sounds like lowes is putting the wood to are vet's.


I got the same. my id and my missing arm is no good.


Home Depot.I will go. lowe's will not disrespect my brothers in arms. I say f them to.






I was also turned down for my discount at lowes, and will never enter their store again. The cashier told me anybody could get a lifetime VFW membership card so I left before I did something ***, Now I go across the street to Home Depot, and for the$1.00 I would have saved they have lost out on much more.


I'm a vet and enrolled and recieving VA health care as well as a 40% rating and I don't have a VA ID card


All vets can enroll in the VA- you may not get healthcare or qualify, but you can still enroll and get that photo ID. You should because Congress funds the VA by how many vets are enrolled- even if you don't use VA healthcare you are helping other vets who DO---so get the ID. So you spend a few hours at the Va and save enough for a few cans of paint- that means those hours at the Va earned you fifty or sixty bucks...not a bad trade.


re: No.8 boo hoo, go to Home Depot."

Don't bother, Home Depot has now adopted that same photo ID policy. As a combat vet of Korea I didn't get a photo ID...but did get a VA loan and GI bill education benefits compliments of US got no real complaints. And I still enjoy a "senior's" discount at the movies!


i didnt join the army for discounts either. its a matter of principle.

its these corporations saying theyre patriotic by making vets lives easier and in turn making us feel like criminals. get off of your high horse!! i get that youre all audie murphy, did it for the glory but you still got a paycheck...

and if you dont want perks, then dont go to the va hospital and send back your disability checks. anything short of that shut up hypocrite!



Just go get the VA card with your photo on it.

I was drafted this is the only thing I ever got for serving my country Oh not true I did get spit on.

Vietnam Vet...Drafted I had no choice.


I think those of you stating that your fellow veterans are "boo hooing" and whining about getting a discount are missing the point. The discount isn't the issue (10%...come on) but the fact that a company widely advertises that they support military veterans then rudely turns away honorably discharged veterans saying that their service isn't good enough to warrant their precious discount should be a slap in the face to ALL veterans.

They're using veterans as PR cash cows and dishonoring those that have served at the same time. What makes an active duty Army cook more important than a soldier that had his friend die in his arms in Vietnam. Or a soldier that served in Iraq if that brings it closer to home for you. Maybe a soldier that served in the current conflict spending months or even years in theater fighting the war that most active duty will never really be a part of.

After 4 years of serving they decide that they've done their part and return to the civilian life and try to start a family. But what recognition do they get? Do they get a discounted ticket to a movie, 10% off lumber to build a deck, a cheaper meal at a fast food chain, a free ticket to a theme park for them and their new family? No.

They get nothing. In the end it's not about getting discounts and free stuff. It's about honoring our veterans.

If you want to say thank you by supporting us the way we went to war to support you then honor us all equally. If you're only doing it to make yourself look good, I'd rather you didn't do anything at all.


Hey Seriously,

We will and I hope they don't offer you a JOB U sorry SOB when Lowe's Goes....

You would not know Honor or Valor if it bit you square on the *** keep your 10%....we did not ask you, you offered.



I don't think any veterans should fee ashamed that they tried to support a business that stated they were providing a discount to veterans and they were angry that they were denied that service.

Lowe's should be ashamed that they are spending millions on advertizing stating that they support veterans when that is not actually the case. Closing a program down due to fraud on a 10% discount reflects a poorly planned program. And really, 10% is not making a huge cut into a large chain like Lowe's profits.

From these reviews it sounds like this business, like many others, is the one that is cashing in on veterans. Not only are they spending tons of money on advertizing a benefit that they do not provide, but they are also making veterans feel like criminals for trying to receive an advertized discount.


I'm also ashamed to see these "me too" complaints....I served half my life in the Army because I believed in the cause. Not to get discouts for the rest of my life.


I was refused a discount this past Vererian's Day at Lows. I am a Vet of only four years of service so I guess I have no right to cry about it.

My only thought is when a store promotes something to get people into their business they should honor it even if it is only 10%.

I am also a civilian employee for the DOD and my CAC was not honored.

I guess you are only a Vet if you are retired or if you need the VA Medical services. :sigh


I work for Lowe's. The 'military discount' is only supposed to be for currently serving men and woman. That was it's intent. Corporate then decided it was okay for VA cards too. Lowe's still accepts DD214 papers on July 4th and Memorial Day.

It is ten percent people. Do you realize how many coupons there are circulating for that amount? It isn't that we are 'too ***' to read the papers. It is a privilege. Too many people took advantage of it. We don't need to give anyone any discount.

So boo hoo, go to Home Depot.


I to was refuse the 10%. If it is no longer lowes policy to give 10% off to ALL vets say so on TV and printed ads just like they did when thwy started the program.


I can't believe the snivel I'm reading here from fellow vets. I put in over 24 years in the Army, and trust me, it wasn't so I could get some cheesy discount at some lumber yard.

I think you've forgotten the whole reason we chose to serve - if getting discounts and recognition is the reason, then *** me.

I'm ashamed to see what some of you are whining about here - go to a VA cemetery and you'll see the only discount we earned - a free headstone. Perhaps Red China, the former USSR and even the towel-heads get a discount at their local lumber yard - after all, their countries are SO much better - right?


I put in over 24 years in the Army. I didn't join so I could get some sort of discounts when I got out.

I'm ashamed that my fellow veterans are whining about such a "non" issue.

I think you're forgeting the whole reason we chose to serve. Go to a VA cemetery and ask those guys what they think of a lousy discount.


My husband presented his DD214 and the cashier at Lowe's very rudely refused it. So we went to Home Depot, where they not only happily accepted the DD214 as proof of my husband's veteran status, but honored a $10 off coupon we had from Lowe's.

Home Depot will be getting my business from now on. Clearly, Lowe's is not interested in offering this benefit to veterans.


well, you people without cards just screwed the system. Lowes has CANCELED all everyday discounts except for ACTIVE military.

As of June 15th, 2010

Too much fraud with the papers. Go ask and find out.

only on holidays from now on---with a photo card only !!!!


I am a 69 year old marine corp vet. I also was refused the discount because all I have is my dd214.

The closest VA clinic is 65 miles away.

Why should I have to drive that far to get an ID card for services I have never used nor intend to use? A military dependent who has never seen a military base can get an ID card and therefore a Lowe's discount but I can't.


if you are truly a vet you need to register with the va even if you do not have a current service connected disability,look at how long it took for some agent orange symptons to show up. besides all vets need to be united if we expect the va to be able to fight for us.


:) i have never had a problem with lowes honoring my service connected disability card. on the other hand Home Depot tells me they only give the discount when they run their special, like for Veterans Day.

told them I guess I should have only served one day a year then. I go to Lowes, the ones here in North texas have not had a roblem with discount, refunds or returns with or without a reciept or buy from one store return to another.


I was asked the very same question by my brother who served from 1967 to 1971 in the Air Force in SE Asia. I contacted my friend in Veterans Affairs who said unless you qualify for veterans benefits (medical discharge, retiree or low income) you cannot get an ID card.

So, The VA will not issue a GENERAL ID card and stores can chose to honor DD-214. My friend suggested

joining a veterans group like VFW and try to use your IF card from them.

Most veteran associations will only allow veterans to join. Hope that helps.


I was told that the discount is only for disabled and currently serving military. If this is not correct then the Company should put out what is right. Thanks for your time


Have in the past no problem getting my 10%by showing my DD214 military record.

Now they refuse me because the DD214 has no photo, I showed them my photo Driving license . Girl at checkout was very rude.

Your web site advertises 10% for vets


All you have to do is get a ID from the VA like i did its got your picture on it. You don't need to use there facilities just get the ID. Lowes has been great i show it they imediatly give me the 10 percent discount.


You need to grow up and show your ID. Probably they don't believe you were a veteran because they think you are younger from your behavior. They probably think you are too young to be a vetaran when they see you acting lie a six year old.


I totally agree with you. Having served our country you DO deserve a ten percent discount without question.

I think *** corporate came up with those new rules so they would save their big fat *** some more money at the expense of our veterens.

It makes me sad when I am forced to tell a veteren his id is no good without a photo. I promise the cashiers hate it too.

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Pictuers taken by lowes employee

i work at lowes and was under the impression when ur working ur suppose to work.also that no pictures are to be taken of the inside of lowes for security sake .well not only are pictures posted on facebook of the whole store of management,unsuspecting employees but lets just not work just walk around and take pictures he doesn't have to work in returns or on register because he doesn't like it .depending on who is head cashier .but still the time to take all of these pictures these are not the lowes store2223 his name is james taylor thanks
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Lowes Cashier

Lowes in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Lowe's pissed consumer

Yet another bill arrives and Lowe's has applied our payment to our no interest/no payment bills for next September. They have told me that I can't speak to them, they must speak to the primary card holder yet it the primary defaults, they'll come after me, go figure. They can't ever get the payments straight. They can take their card and shove it, I'm done. My brother stopped shopping there years ago. I will now shop at 84 Lumber or Home Depot. After a complaint at Home Depot about not raising our credit limit, it was adjusted immediately. And as for 84 Lumber, they are a locally owned company. I will tell 10 people and they will tell 10 people and they will tell 10 people, goodbye Lowe's.....................
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I gave up on Lowe's years ago. They pulled some nonsense with 2 of my credit accounts nearly causing one of the no interest/no payment accounts to default by not appling my payments as I had asked them to.

Lowe's customer service regarding the issue was appalling.

I have gone back to the mom and pop stores. They respect my hard earned money.

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Lowes Credit Card