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We spoke to the installer and someone at lowes who said we had to be there for window install. My bf *** work and loses sick time and pay. Then it rains and last minute while he is on the way there and stuck in traffic, they call and say cant put in window. It is an...
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But were they nasty?

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Why do you buy lowes *** goods

Lowes cannont compete anymore. They will be out of the home improvement game in 5 yrs. this i know. Home Depot is already undertaking a proposal to buy 85% of stock, buildings and assets. IM gonna miss working there because where else am i going to get free stuff for my house. ha ha. The Johnstown store is cutting employees left and right. At least or hr girl (Vuchovich) will get to keep her job of handing our "800" numbers and just ignoring the employees who hate her. Good thing she blows our store manager on lunch so hes at least tolerable for a shift. Gobble Gobble Katherine. Maybe patti wants a shot because her hubby is a vegetable in a chair. Good luck
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big ben

kudos to you. I hope your hr knows what karma is.

I agree that lowes is going under and screwing their employees over left and right. hang in there.


A. Home Depot is going to have a hard time buying our stock since like 95% of it is bought up by another Lowe's Employee in Monroe.


With an employee like you, I'm surprised you still have a job with an attitude like that.

How old are you? 18?


With employees like you, any store would go broke.

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Lowes didnt read the constitution

We just recieved a memo about posting things online such as you tube and twitter and the like. they can kiss my ***. freedom baby freedom. this is what there worried about instead of the slave treatment that they dole out everyday to there employees who are pounding the cement making there 15 billion profit possible. *** you lowes. each employee should unionize or start stealing. there return policy promotes it. rock on red vests. im so sick of hearing about the thousands ready to take my job. that just makes me work hard enough to not get fired. and you wont have to take my job you can have it. i can find another dead end job
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some of the people that work at Lowe's are very rude.they sit on the forklift and won't move when you are trying to get through the aile and when you ask for help they act like it the end of world. then when you apply for a job they won't hire you because...
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Happy lowes employee wow just proved *** thanks:)

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2006 I got a Lowes Credit card and faithfully have paid it even paying more than minimum needed. Recently I went to Lowes to purchase tile to finish the renovation on my bathroom. To my surprise my account had been closed by the company. The reason according to a...
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Bring wipes!!!!! Lowes is a FAMILY Store!!!

In fact, Lowes has wipes at the entrance... You should use them anyway!!!!

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