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I purchased a frigidaire split door refrigerator and from the time they installed it it has been giving me problems it does not make ice like it should i called lowes to complain and they sent a tech out and i was told to change my water flow valve which i did and it still made only and lil ice its been 8 months and im still having the same problems ive been calling the corpoorate office to complain and all i get is run around they put you on hold forever and never come back to the phone then you ask for a supervisor and they tell u let me check on it give me a min why i put u on hold and they never come back i am so upset that i cant get my refrigerator repaired anyone not to ge t
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Lowes sucks. Glad 2 take our $$$ - but both lowes & contracted installers/warranty co's are in on their crimes.



lie, stall, put U on hold 4-ever when(rightfully calling 2 complain).

***-u, lowes. C u in civil court.

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Lowes Installation

Lowes in Doylestown, Pennsylvania - Carpet installation

If you are a person that is looking out for American jobs don't not let Lowe's install your carpet. Three Spanish guys that could not speak a word English installed my carpet. There was no possible communicating here! Also, it sounded like they were tearing my house down and that I was living in a foreign country. Never buy flooring again from Lowe's. They are in the process of installing it. I will post layer about how the job turns out. Lowes markets like they are an American family place.? Really? Now I am listening to Spanish music. Crazy! I posted more than need to say, but am required to type100 words.
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I purchase 1633 sq. ft.

Stain master carpeting I was over charge $1996.00 the next morning I return as they were making the corrections they screw up 3 times before they got it right a different of $3000.00- $900.00 charges for Taxes and Labor the Promo read Stain Masters Carpet FREE Labor & Taxes with $5000.00 of materials. they made 2 separate receipts one for the Sub contractors materials such as padding tact strips labor on stairs. I had too insist on only one receipt for my "Lowes Promo 84 5.9 %"

I got it!

Later then I called the credit card services checking on the amount I was still over charge $49.98 I took care of that. But still over charge of .98


While the installers where installing my carpet, I quickly changed my mind. Even though the installers couldn't speak English which I disapprove of, they did an excellent job.

They where so attentive about closing the door every time they went outside and turning the light off when they left a room. They were also quick, hardworking, and good.

I will not be so quick to judge next time. Maybe Lowes will provide them with a class to learn English!


I have to agree with this person, the same thing happened to me and they installed it poorly and had to come back..the one guy kept shaking my hand and getting closer and closer..felt very uncomfortable..never again

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Lowes Installation

Lied to by Lowes again

I'm deployed with the military. My wife said the dishwasher needed to be replaced. She found what she wanted at Lowes. I told her under no circumstances to use that store in Homestead Florida. I had 2 really bad experiences with that store and was lied to both times. The Manager of the store is a real *** as well. 1st example; I attempted to buy 15K in kitchen cabinets but the sales people couldn't figure out how to order what I wanted. I left without a sale and went to another store where I endured less ***-pain. 2nd example; I custom ordered outdoor lamps. They delivered the wrong ones. I got into an argument with the sales guy who insisted they were the correct ones and I couldn't return them. I had to call the corporate HQ to get my money back after the manager ignored me. Now.. here is one for a sitcom: After telling my wife not order the dishwasher she does anyway. Oh boy, I told her to put me on skype when its delivered because this is going to be a circus. Wrong item again!She calls the sales guy who lies and says my wife ordered what was delivered and she will expect it as delivered! What? Then the Manager gets on the phone (Phillip "el payaso" y un mentiroso) and tells my wife to give him a few days to find the one she wanted. He asks what she wanted for compensation, she hesitates and says free installation. Phillip "el payaso" looses it and yells at my wife that the delivery guy told her to say that and he tells her to say he's fired!! WTF. Are these people for real!! Like my wife is going to fire a Lowes employee LOL. You can't make this stuff up. But, it is the culture of South Florida.
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When I found out she went to this location I told her she was a *** *** and I would divorce her if she was nto such a good cook and if she did not have such a sexy body. I told her she was beautiful but just proves that all blonde women are dumb. Then when she told me to leave her alone I slapped her across the face and she started crying.

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Lowes Installation

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