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Lowes - Cashier Review from Doylestown, Pennsylvania

My husband and I have been to your store in gun barrel city at least 6 times in a month trying to buy an outside light and 2 phone calls and we have been given run around about ordering so tonight my husband went back in to see if it was in stock...there was 1 so he went to purchase it with our debit card and your cashier wouldnt accept it because it did not have his name on it but he is a signer on our account and we have same last name and same address so i had to go back after working 14 hrs today when we got back your store was closed.This store has the rudest and the most unhelpful employees I have ever come across I would appreciate a call back from your company I believe we have been patient through all this...this also has not been first time we ve had issues with this store its every time we go in there
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Lowes Cashier
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Order processing issue

Pictuers taken by lowes employee

i work at lowes and was under the impression when ur working ur suppose to work.also that no pictures are to be taken of the inside of lowes for security sake .well not only are pictures posted on facebook of the whole store of management,unsuspecting employees but lets just not work just walk around and take pictures he doesn't have to work in returns or on register because he doesn't like it .depending on who is head cashier .but still the time to take all of these pictures these are not the lowes store2223 his name is james taylor thanks
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Lowes Cashier

Racial Profiling at lowes in Pottstown

After I paid for my items on line, the cashier went into my cart and took out my 2 yr old son's jacket shooked it infront of other clients and over checked my cart in a accusatory way. I complained to the manager she laughed. I sent a letter requesting reimbursement of my money for that month (I had items installed and I can't take them back and take my business elsewhere). I was the only black person on the line and they didn't check the white clients carts like she did me. There response: No no refund, she was wrong and counsil about it, yes I was the only black person, yes she didn't treat them the same as me BUT, I was the only one with a jacket laying on the cart......Oh it was my 2 yr old jacket- what could I hide a pencil???? Is this country ready for change?
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I can see why you felt that you were profiled, and felt insulted. But you took it too far by "requesting that your money be reimbursed".


Learning how to spell might help you :roll


Look im black!blacker than evr. but i never get accused of stuuf. dis lady is trippin.


What could you hide in a 2 year olds jacket???? most of the items in hardware, tools, flooring items, pkg.

of curtains, plumbing pieces, need I go on...and please you seem like the kind of person who cries "race" no matter where you shop. The answer, don't shop there anymore. I worked for Lowes from the time the physical set up of the store was going on until a few years later and there were plenty of whites that I suspicious of.

Did it ever occur to you that security was watching you and you did something suspicious, or maybe the person that you said did all these things has a racial problem??? You can't blame the store for one person my friend.


Please stop being so politically correct.

Which "ethnic groups" commit the majority of the crimes in the US?


I hate to believe there's racial profiling in Pottstown, but I know there is ANYWHERE a particular ethic group has garnered a reputation for fraud. Anyone in retail in Pottstown has experienced dirty tricks that, as Retail4Life says, are "skewed toward" a particular ethnic group.

Don't blame Loew's.

Blame dishonest people, and, if you happen to know any, educate them to the harm they are causing you.

By the way, "what does "counsil about it" mean?


It happened with me at Fort Collins, CO store. After, paying at a different counter, I was stopped by an associate who checked my receipt and bag..Ridiculous behavior. You are right, retailer4life, they seem to profile


*** lowes! nothing but a bunch of racial *** ***! white or black or your ***!


I am so sorry that you were "profiled" in the store, but having worked in retail for various big-name stores over the past 30 years, there is, unfortunately, a reason certain ethnicities are profiled ( i.e. "watched closely") when they are in the store.

I truly wish it were not so, but, sadly, it is, as this was not the way I, nor anyone in my family was brought up. I wish I had a dollar for every time someomeone of a particular ethnic background tried to pull a "fast one" on myself or my associates either through blatant theft, bogus refunds, or attempting to get a refund on something we do not even sell. And of course, they get quite loud when they get "outed" at the service desk. And yes, before you get on your high horse, I have also caught my fair share of white folks doing the same thing , But over the 30 years, I, along with anyone who has been in retail for any length of time can attest to, the numbers are definitely skewed toward a certain group who do this type of thing.

So yes, certain folks will be scrutinzed more closely either overtly or covertly when they are in our store ( or your store) . Just the facts, ma'am, these are just the facts.

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