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Resolved: Lowes in Hanover, Pennsylvania - *** Job On Doors and Storm Door Order

This is the second incident with our local Lowes in PA. This time it concerned two inside doors and two storm doors. It took close to five weeks for delivery because they were a special order. When the doors arrived at Lowes we had to delay installation for two weeks because of a sewer pipe out front. When the new date arrived for the doors to be installed, the installers found the dimensions to be all wrong, in both height and width. At first I thought it was the sales person, then the door manufacturer. How can dimensions be that far off? The doors are costing over $4,000 and yet no one could had checked the measurements of the doors in the two week prior to our install date while they sat in the warehouse? No one from Lowes has called us with an explanation. The only person that apologized was the installer? Not sure who is the culprit here, but we are about done with Lowes for good.
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At the end of this deal... no one from either Lowes or the Door Installers did a follow-up call.

The door installers did a great job except for a molding stripe they cut off to much, then replaced it with molding that did not even come close to the original shape and took take one guy two days to cut a five or six inch molding strip. was this a new guy?

After this... neither Lowes or the business that installed the doors will be ever used again for home installation at our house.


This is the second time we were to have our doors installed, four weeks later than agreed on, and no one has shown up at our 9:00 am appointment. No phone call, no nothing.

We will never pay through a credit card again, nor will we pay in full. Lowes never called to apologized either.

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Lowes Installation
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Lowes in Brockway, Pennsylvania - Attempt to overcharge for installation

Requested Lowe's to replace an existing ceiling fan with one exactly like the one that's there. They insisted that the contractor had to check it out first for a $40 charge that would be applied to the $129.95 installation cost. After the contractor looked at it they called to say that the cost would be $219.95. When questioned why the extra cost the response was that the contractor would have to pick up the fan but the higher price was not including the fan cost. They were told when the original request was made that the contractor would have to get the fan so they should have said what the cost was for that originally.
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Lowes Installation

Lowes - Installation Review

I purchased a frigidaire split door refrigerator and from the time they installed it it has been giving me problems it does not make ice like it should i called lowes to complain and they sent a tech out and i was told to change my water flow valve which i did and it still made only and lil ice its been 8 months and im still having the same problems ive been calling the corpoorate office to complain and all i get is run around they put you on hold forever and never come back to the phone then you ask for a supervisor and they tell u let me check on it give me a min why i put u on hold and they never come back i am so upset that i cant get my refrigerator repaired anyone not to ge t
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Lowes sucks. Glad 2 take our $$$ - but both lowes & contracted installers/warranty co's are in on their crimes.



lie, stall, put U on hold 4-ever when(rightfully calling 2 complain).

***-u, lowes. C u in civil court.

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Lowes Installation

Lowes - Installation Review from Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania

Hired lowes to install cabinets, counter appliances and backsplash in april... mid june the cabinets finally went in as we were held up because the lowes contractor quit! Now we wont have counter until 7/21 with yet undetermined dayes for the wrap up of backsplash and appliance install. Refrigerator was damaged and did not fit the space they created for that refrigerator. Stove was also damaged! Nobody at store cares. We said we wanted to return everything and the manager authorized it without trying to solve the issue. They do k ot care. Called corporate and got passed around. They do not care either...been complaining for two weeks and not one call back.
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Lowes Installation

Lowes - Installation Review from Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania

Started kitchen reno with lowes in april... we did all demo and clean up! All they had to do was install cabinets, counter, backsplash and appliances. Mid june the cabinets finallt went we find the counter will not be ready or installed until july 21 with plumbing/sink and backsplash to follow after that on some unspecified date. This is a 120sq foot kitchen! Nobody knows what they are doing at lowes. The first contractor quit and we had to wait till they found another. Management could care less. Called corporate and they could care even less! Do not use lowes!
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Lowes Installation

Lowes in Doylestown, Pennsylvania - Carpet installation

If you are a person that is looking out for American jobs don't not let Lowe's install your carpet. Three Spanish guys that could not speak a word English installed my carpet. There was no possible communicating here! Also, it sounded like they were tearing my house down and that I was living in a foreign country. Never buy flooring again from Lowe's. They are in the process of installing it. I will post layer about how the job turns out. Lowes markets like they are an American family place.? Really? Now I am listening to Spanish music. Crazy! I posted more than need to say, but am required to type100 words.
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I purchase 1633 sq. ft.

Stain master carpeting I was over charge $1996.00 the next morning I return as they were making the corrections they screw up 3 times before they got it right a different of $3000.00- $900.00 charges for Taxes and Labor the Promo read Stain Masters Carpet FREE Labor & Taxes with $5000.00 of materials. they made 2 separate receipts one for the Sub contractors materials such as padding tact strips labor on stairs. I had too insist on only one receipt for my "Lowes Promo 84 5.9 %"

I got it!

Later then I called the credit card services checking on the amount I was still over charge $49.98 I took care of that. But still over charge of .98


While the installers where installing my carpet, I quickly changed my mind. Even though the installers couldn't speak English which I disapprove of, they did an excellent job.

They where so attentive about closing the door every time they went outside and turning the light off when they left a room. They were also quick, hardworking, and good.

I will not be so quick to judge next time. Maybe Lowes will provide them with a class to learn English!


I have to agree with this person, the same thing happened to me and they installed it poorly and had to come back..the one guy kept shaking my hand and getting closer and closer..felt very uncomfortable..never again

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Lowes Installation

Lowes in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - No customer service

On 2/27/12 at 1:15 p.m. at the Seaford Lowes on Rt 13, in Seaford, DE, after looking at bathroom vanities for 20 minutes not one sales associate came to ask if I neded any help. This was on a Monday afternoon and the store was not busy. A male and female associate stood around joking with each other but no one approached me to ask if I needed assistance - which I did. A woman shopping alone doesn't get any help because a man is not accompanying her? I was looking to remodel a bathroom with installation to be completed by Lowes. Now I am determined to go elsewhere. You just lost a good customer.
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So instead of saying to the folks at the service desk could I get assistance in aisle 22 you approach with a nasty attitude and start giving a cashier *** about something they cant help. You are a typical jackwad.

Take your money to so and so. Who really cares about your whimpering and bawling!!

I want I want every *** day then you got the nuts to *** online about it. You disgust normal hard working sales people.

Put yourself in the poor saps shoes that has to stand there and take your *** all day long. Stop being so needy and ask for help instead of expecting someone to wipe your nose for you.


I'm with Maduda. If I was a man standing there looking at mowers I probably would have seen a red apron.

Nope. I guess they don't think that women are capable of making high end purchases without a man. Actually, I don't believe that, I believe their customer service stinks no matter what sex you are. They lost my $1500 or more of business tonight at the Lowes in Auburn, NY.

I even stopped at Customer Service while the two young people were chatting and told them because they had no one around they just lost my business. I don't have a problem asking someone for help, if I could find someone within 7 aisles of the mowers. It's a beautiful spring day, 80 degrees in NY on March 19th, wouldn't you have someone strolling around the mower section to wait on people? Did the customer service people stop me and apologize and say they will get someone to help me asap?

Not a chance. I headed for Home Depot, I guess it just wasn't my night to purchase mowers, their customer service people must have been taking a siesta with the Lowes employees.


All Lowes Specialists are delibritly doing a work "slow-down" and not dealing with customers. This is because they are mad that they got 3-days notice back in mid-February that they wouldn't be making commission any more and just getting paid hourly.

So don't be surprised if you see Lowes employees just milling around, and not asking customers if they need help! :p :roll :p :roll


Cry me a river sister. Have you ever heard of "excuse me sir or miss" service is gonna be hard pressed in a lowes anymore anyhow.

Just exactly why do you thing people in the store were put there to kiss your hind end and chase you down? We are not. Use some common sense.

Ask... Oh and now I suppose you will tell me just how much money you spent there last year..


I work for LOWES and as sales specialist I like to let customers look around in my dept. before I approach them and ask if they need any help or have questions.

I get brushed off with the stink eye more often than not.

so i will continue to do things my way and chance running into you, I see people like you everyday... sad isnt it.


Why did you not go shopping with a parent. That way they could have said excuse me Maduda is my seven year old daughter/son and he would really like some help.

If you are actually an adult why did you not go and ask for help?

They are not mind readers you know. Some people get offended when they are asked for help, act as if they are accused of stealing.

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Lowes Installation

Do not buy carpet from Lowes, bad installers

I bought a new home and went to Lowes in Holmdel, NJ for many of the installations and purchases. First off the sales people on the floor told me I did not qualify to use a 10% coupon I had because I was buying a "custom order" product.I found out they were wrong and am battling to get a refund. Then the installers they sent to install my carpet were rude, installed seams poorly and hacked at the corners and along the moulding. (wished I could upload a picture here). When I complained I was told "too bad you ordered a white carpet seams never look right on those" and your moulding is interfering with the carpet laying right. Who are they kidding? I live in a development with 2000 homes in it, am I to believe everyone else is happy with carpeting looking chopped up along the moulding? Do yourself a favor and go to a local retailer who cares whether you are a happy customer or not and who hires and trains professionals rather than the 3rd party hacks Lowes contracts.
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Lowes Installation

Lied to by Lowes again

I'm deployed with the military. My wife said the dishwasher needed to be replaced. She found what she wanted at Lowes. I told her under no circumstances to use that store in Homestead Florida. I had 2 really bad experiences with that store and was lied to both times. The Manager of the store is a real *** as well. 1st example; I attempted to buy 15K in kitchen cabinets but the sales people couldn't figure out how to order what I wanted. I left without a sale and went to another store where I endured less ***-pain. 2nd example; I custom ordered outdoor lamps. They delivered the wrong ones. I got into an argument with the sales guy who insisted they were the correct ones and I couldn't return them. I had to call the corporate HQ to get my money back after the manager ignored me. Now.. here is one for a sitcom: After telling my wife not order the dishwasher she does anyway. Oh boy, I told her to put me on skype when its delivered because this is going to be a circus. Wrong item again!She calls the sales guy who lies and says my wife ordered what was delivered and she will expect it as delivered! What? Then the Manager gets on the phone (Phillip "el payaso" y un mentiroso) and tells my wife to give him a few days to find the one she wanted. He asks what she wanted for compensation, she hesitates and says free installation. Phillip "el payaso" looses it and yells at my wife that the delivery guy told her to say that and he tells her to say he's fired!! WTF. Are these people for real!! Like my wife is going to fire a Lowes employee LOL. You can't make this stuff up. But, it is the culture of South Florida.
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When I found out she went to this location I told her she was a *** *** and I would divorce her if she was nto such a good cook and if she did not have such a sexy body. I told her she was beautiful but just proves that all blonde women are dumb. Then when she told me to leave her alone I slapped her across the face and she started crying.

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Lowes Installation

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Lowes Floor Installation RipOff

Had a tile floor installed by Lowes and the installation was very bad. Lowes gave us a very hard time to fix the problem and after one year they refunded some of our money. Numerous tiles were not level, grout was not installed correct and some tiles are loose. Make sure you watch the workman or better, have a Home Inspector stop in a fews times to check up on them. If there are any problems have the home inspector write a report and make sure to take pictures. I thought by Lowes doing the Install I would get a very Professtional job, but the results were like I hired a Handyman and I payed double what a handyman would charge
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maybe someone needs to figure out that a company like Lowe's is not set up to do jobs right. They are not accountable for their subs the way a local store is.


you had no problem taking the money in return which is shut the *** up money!!!! Lowes always caters to the customer it makes me sick to see the same a== h000les get money for mistakes as a human take the money u have no right to complain asnd there are many happy customers ty for your time ***


you all suck ***


Reply to: Bio]-[azard

I guess you work for Lowes? Thats really sick for you to say I wanted them to fail or shovel food in my mouth. This is the last floor I will ever have, why would I want it to look bad? I think you have a Personality Complex.

I paid double the price to get a Normal Job done. I have tiles with lippages all over and a lot of the tiles have very little glue and some are loose and you say I am at fault? We were very patient with the contractors, they promised to be done in two weeks for the holiday and took about one month.

You say I must have a lot of time on my hands to write a small complaint. It takes no more time than writing an e mail and you had the time to reply, so what are you talking about? Yes they gave me a very small refund to have the shoddy work they did fixed.

If you do work for Lowes, try to stop running away from customers that need help in your store, do it as a New Years Resolution because like you said "KARMA IS A B".

>Written by Bio]-[azard, on 21-12-2009 >08:33

>I believe that when -some- people go into >the retail chain to get things (ie; >Lowe's), they're wanting them to fail in >some sort of way. You know as Consumers >that you're "always right" and we live in >a world that expects people to shovel >food into our mouths for us. The fact >that you would take the time to post on >here, shows that you have too much time >and you infact were looking for >attention. I'm sure as you said, they did >give you the money; but that's because >they do value you. Merry Christmas and >Karama is a B.


I believe that when -some- people go into the retail chain to get things (ie; Lowe's), they're wanting them to fail in some sort of way. You know as Consumers that you're "always right" and we live in a world that expects people to shovel food into our mouths for us.

The fact that you would take the time to post on here, shows that you have too much time and you infact were looking for attention.

I'm sure as you said, they did give you the money; but that's because they do value you. Merry Christmas and Karama is a B.


No they did install backer board. They made lippages on the corners(can't spell it).

Had another guy from Lowes check it out and he said the tiles he pulled did not have the proper amount of adhesive. Never install epoxy Grout because they smeared it on the tiles and it is almost impossible to get it off.

I spent $26,000 bucks, so I was not looking to save. Lowes almost doubles the quote of the guy that actually does the job


several tiles not level? The subfloor is the issue...Did they install durock or hardibacker or did you opt out on paying for those items before purchasing the install?


Easy there Jimmy. If the description in the complaint doesn't apply to you then don't worry about it.

Your comment about inferior skills is at best disinegenious. I am a pharmaceutical scientist, I don't puff up my chest b/c you don't know how to test your prescription drugs. I've never considered someone w/o my expertise to be inferior. You've got a confidence problem my friend.

The simple fact is when we pay for a service we expect some quality controls to be in place. Given the number of rip-off artists in home remodeling and the lack of oversight, it seems very plausible that consumers are going to be taken advantage of.

Get over it.


Sorry about insulting the Handyman label. Its just that around my area, all kinds of nuts that have no skills go into the Handyman business; this was from the Housing Bubble.

Lowes did have their people come out once and a while to check on the contractor, but the people they sent to check them did not know what they were looking at.

Well my contract said the work had to be corrected, but I had a hard time getting them to fix it.


Hey Spike,Hiring a handyman, will get you a professional job nitwit.You say it like a handyman does inferior work. I was a "professional" remodeler for 26 years before turning the biz over to my two sons.Now I have a small handyman service but still posess the same skills as the "professionals" as you like to call them.The only one with inferior skills here is you, given the fact you couldn't do the tile yourself.ButI digress,when hiring LOWES to do any installation always remember, Lowes doesn't do the work, they sub contract work, to any one of numerous contractors on their list.To get on their list all you need is liability insurance($515.00) and in my state a contractors lisc.($90.00).Sometimes Lowes doesn't know what a contractor can do until it's too late, and your the guinea pig.It was in plain english on your contract.Along with a paragraph absolving them of liability should the work not be correct.Maybe some reading lessons should be your main focus.

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