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Lowes Protection plan is organized fraud

I purchased all my appliances easton Lowes store May 29 2016 with 5 years protection plan. About a month ago my washer broken and I called Lowes service dep. and they sent a service technician he looked my washer and he sad your washer has big issue but do not worry you covered with protection plan. I received phone call couple days later from the lowes service dep. and they told me your machine needs to be replace. Couple days later Lowes called me and told me they can not locate my purchase and they sad, I returned my appliances which was the most ridicules thing that I ever heard because I still have them. anyway I gave them my lowes membership account print out where all my purchased recorded by Lowes. still they sad they can not locate my purchase. I have spent countless hour on the phone and writing email still no result. One of their representative called and sad he fixed the issue and gave me reference number and sad in couple days Lowes would called you to schedule a delivery but no one called me and I called Lowes and they sad whoever you talked made a mistake we can not confirm your purchase. I cal Lowes blame their local store local store says they called Lowes gave them all info still no result. It seems to me Lowes sells protection plan but it is fraud they do not provide any services. blaming their local store local store blames Lowes super service dep. No one takes responsibility. I have all the emails that Lowes sent me.
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Must be some doozie of a washer to be worth $8,000. Yes, you have a frustrating situation and I agree their service in this situation is poor.

At this point, stop calling them. Send a complaint via overnight registered mail. Include your receipts and even pictures of the washer including one of the tag with model and serial numbers keeping copies of everything you send.

A paper trail will help prove your case if you end up taking them to court and they know it. You have no way of proving you have mad phone calls, what was said or who you talked to.


all extended warranties and protection plans are a fraud. Always have been.


not if you keep your receipt. most customers come in without a receipt and expect lowes to find it for them. save your receipts, that’s why you have a receipt in the first place.

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