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Lowes in Matamoras, Pennsylvania - 2 months and still no countertops!!!

Lowes - 2 months and still no countertops!!!
I ordered kitchen cabinets and granite counters on May 30th. I picked out the granite around the 2nd week in June. They came to make the template the week after. Lowe's called me the next day to say the price would be over $700 more than I paid. I asked why and he said the template came out different than what we ordered. The Lowe’s associate did all of the design and measurements so there was no reason for it to be off, I purchased the entire kitchen plus cabinets at the same time. I got everything through Lowe's and I had nothing to do with measuring or set up. I even brought my contractor in to talk to the designer. I told them it wasn't my fault they made a mistake, it went on what you designed and if she measured wrong that didn't have anything to do with me. I ordered them because they were affordable and now he was saying they were going to cost 33% MORE than I was told!! That's a HUGE mistake and difference in price. So he said he would talk to a manager and get back to me. I heard nothing for a week so I call back. They decide to have a new template done. Fine but I'm not paying. Then I heard nothing else for a week. I call again last Friday and the manager was familiar with the problem and said she would call the fabricators and have us rushed because I have no kitchen and I've been doing dishes in my BATHTUB. The fabricators call today and said she can't get us in til the end of NEXT WEEK!! this has been the most horrible experience I've had during my renovation. I have two kids home, we eat out almost every night because we can't wash dishes and have no running water except in the bathroom and it's going to be a MONTH living like this. It's costing me a fortune not to mention the stress two months after I paid all I keep hearing is next week, next week. I have called & texted SO MANY TIMES. This is INSANE!!!!!! Someone DO SOMETHING
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Order processing issue

Lowes in Matamoras, Pennsylvania - Employees not helpful

Lowe’s seems to only employ condescending {{Redacted}} I asked to see the refrigerator water filters, you know, point me in the right direction, when old retiree that apparently didn’t save for retirement and now has to work asked what make and model. I replied I didn’t know and that I would know what I need when I see it. Apparently that was hilarious. Another time I wanted to see the selection of backsplashes and after waiting a few minutes to find an employee that wasn’t on their phone, they begrudgingly told me an isle number that didn’t exist. Home Depot it is. Westfall, PA.
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You'd be surprised how many {{REDACTED}} buy the wrong product, tear the package apart and return that filter they knew was the right one when they saw it. They did the correct thing by asking what make and model you had so they could get you the correct filter. Seems like they were there to be helpful but you were being the *** in not appreciating what they were trying to do for you.


If you're so savvy that you'll "know it when you see it" then figure out how to find the aisle with the water filters. Even Lowe's *** website will tell you that.Backsplashes come in two forms.

The cheap, fake plastic sheets that are in the kitchen department or actual tile from the flooring department. It's not that hard.

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Lowes Customer Care
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Poor customer service

Lowes in Matamoras, Pennsylvania - Veterans Beware!

Went to Lowes in Maramoras, PA today. When I got to the register the girl said they can no longer accept my veterans card. I told her that they took it 2 months ago, but now it's the wrong one. She contacted a manager and the manager said the same thing with no explanation as to why. There was a long line at the register and I was very embarrassed. Other customers commented that Lowes should accept my card. One guy even offered to pay for my whole purchase. I thank those recognize vets.
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Did not peel enough potatos on KP

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Lowes Manager
  • No longer recognize veterans
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Problems with payment
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Let the company propose a solution

Lowes in Matamoras, Pennsylvania - Sold a used appliance as new

Lowes sold me a new refrigerator and delivered me a used one.They originally sold me a G.E. that froze all my food so I paid more for a more expensive one. They delivered a used refrigerator and told me it was new.The Samsung has a bad vibration noise. I called Samsung and they told me I was the second owner of that serial number.I talked to the associate and he couldn't figure out the problem.The manager just wants this to go away like nothing happened and give us a new one.I don't trust them so I want a refund , now I don't have my old one back.
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