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Lowes fencing......never ever used them.....

after 3 years countless hours of lies, delays,,,,i paid for a fence to keep my dog in. little dobey, after 3 years, bricks, etc line the fence, he manages to get out, every once in a while, 65 yrs old, I am chasing my poor dog to keyser ave, a very busy intersection......main truck route in taylor....fired original contractor, after job......feel free to contact me , I will be glad to send pictures or invite u to see property for yourself........DO NOT LET LOWES DO ANYTHING FOR U, U WILL GET NOTHING BUT ABUSE, I HAVE SEVERAL RECORDED PHONE CALLS, FEEL FREE TO LISTEN...I AM HAVING ANOTHER CONTRACTOR REPAIR THE DAMAGE, WHEN I CAN SAVE MY MONEY, I WAS EVEN TOLD THE SALESMAN, SOLD ME THE WRONG FENSE FOR MY NEEDS....SENIOR ABUSE, YES, DO THE CARE NO.......I WILL GIVE U MY TELE. NO. IF U WISH WHEN U EMAIL MAIL....BEWARE OF LOWES I AM PLACING SEVERAL REVIEWS ON ALL SITES,
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ok next time you try engrish so good yes?

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Lowes review in Scranton, Pennsylvania: Refused 10%

i was using my military dischrage card to get a 10% discount off my purchases, i served in army for 8 years, this discharge paper was honored until i bought wallpaper for $358.90 dollars i was told i would have to get a photo id or prove that i served for 20 years or more in the service. photo cards are taken from you when discharged. you only get a discharge sertificate, they lied when they advertised any id to prove that you served in the military would be good enough to get the 10% discount.i will take my business elsware after this. i felt imbarristed when they told me this in front of other coustomers.
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As a lowes employee I can explain this. We used to accept all forms of military i.d.

until too many people were abusing it. For example, you could use a legion card even though people who have nothing to do with military have them and were getting the 10 percent. They tried doing other things to prevent this such as manager approvals but it was still happening so now we only accept photo i.d. or proof of 20 years in the service and retired.

I know a veteran is a veteran but it's the way it is. We still accept the DD14 and certificates on veterans and memorial day. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I would blame the customers who ruined it for the rest of you. Not the store!


Prosp50 Thanks for your service. Please ignore that s tupid kid's remarks.

Which Lowes did this happen to you at?

Most of them are very patriotic, even to posting pics of military on there walls.

Did you talk to the manager?


Does your opinion matter to you so much that you have to run our military down for a ten percent discount just to state it?


This person rally makes me sick to my stomach. kids today don't know what sacrifice even means.

All they no is to shoot off there mouths. Military service should be mandatory like it is in other countrys and they would learn quick.


Im only going to say this once. GET A VETERANS ADMINISTRATION HEALTH ID CARD then you wont have this problem.

Yes, it has your picture on it when they issue it to you. Take your DD214 to the local VA hospital, go to ID office.

If this is too hard to do, to register for your health BENEFITS then you obviously dont need the 10% discount. Quit blaming everyone but yourself soldier.


S H U T U P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry


First, thank you for your military service. There is no greater hero in America than the men and women willing to leave their homes and families to keep us free.

We are deeply grateful.

Second, I am sorry that you had a problem at Lowes woth their discount. I love Lowes and their employees. After Hurricane Katrina, they moved into town and sold us any and all building materials we needed to become whole again. Please contact their corporate offices.

I know they will help you. Lowes is the most patriotic of all American stores and they usually bend over backwards to help vets. I don't know who you ran into in the store where you shopped, but it was probably one of those draft dodgers that ran to Canada.

Please try again and see that the people who work at Lowes are usually the cream of the crop when it comes to workers who stand with our hero military veterans. Thanks.


Oh, mon dieu.

Rally? must be French.


If your grandfather served in Vietnam, how in the world do you know it's better now than it was then? You weren't there, so to use your own words, "shut up" you insolent little spoiled brat who doesn't have a clue of what serving during war time or anytime in the full time military means.

Just shut the heck up and join some branch of the armed forces, then write your smartalec comment about the plight of our military. That's all I can say that's fit to print - - - so, I'll just close instead of what I'd like to say to you ......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


TO: Rally? Seriously, really?

You are tired of kissing the military's rear? Look who ever in the hail you are - you aren't decent enough to kiss their butts.

My uncle died in WWII and my friend died in Vietnam. My father served in Iwo Jima, my husband served in the Air Force in Vietnam serving three tours and my son served in the Navy for the Gulf War. I wouldn't want your nasty lips touching their a&&es because I'm afraid that they might catch whatever disease you suffer from. Without them, you would be living in a country that would have your head for your simpleminded ideas. How in the p iss do you suffer from our military geting a TEN PERCENT discount?

Put your head back up your a&& and leave it there. We all might be luck enough for you to get AIDS while it's up there and we won't have to listen to i diots like you anymore.

Oh, yeah, Merry Christmas I mean Merry Holiday. We have been beaten into submission long enough. No one wants to deal with anyone as i gnorant as you who begrudges our military a TEN PERCENT discount because they receive too much now anyway.

Really! R A L L Y? Get out of this country.


Lowe's will not match Home Depots coupons + 10%. The 20% off HD coupons are fake.

Stores have policies they need to adhere to, P. And people were taking advantage of it.


Are you some type crazy person Rally????? Why don't you sign up for the military and go risk you life to save someone like you.

Maybe you would feel different if one of your family members was killed trying to keep you and your family safe. I think you should do everyone a favor and move the he'll out of our country. Trust me people like you will not be missed.

To this man in the corporate at lows and they will give you back your money. They have already seen this message....I work in corporate


Are you guys serious. You claim $40. I get tired of people who claim that just because they were in the military that the rest of America should kiss their rear. My grandfather served in Vietnam pulling half people out of tanks. My two best freinds are marines, one of which got a mild concussion overseas. All three agree that just because you serve doesn't entitle you to everything. Too many people are forgetting that you voluntarily joining, not being forced to, and as such any discount, promotion, etc extended to you is simply an additional way of saving thanks.

Many discounts state RETIRED and DISABLED VETS. any store that grants it to anyone with papers is breaking their policy.

This really burns me because people in the military currently get so much more than they used to. A discount could have been warranted back when a military member got almost half what a civilian counterpart would have; however, now it is closer and many military members are given a whole lot.

Thanks to everyone who serves; however, serve humbly or shut up.


Also, go to us postal service web site. change of mail address will give you 10% for Lowes. Again Home Depot will honor that as well.

Lowes is in trouble and is shutting down stores. One in my hood not even open 2 years.

Lowes should honor Ace / HD coupons and beat it by 10%er their guarantee.

My vote goes for the Depot. Easy no hassle and they won't embaress you.

Poor PR. You won't ever go back will you? And for $40? Mulitply that for the next 25 years....and ad a Fe more who have served and can relate.


Home depot will honor any Lowes offer


Read the policy. RETIRED and DISABLED veterans are allowed the discount.

That is and always has been the policy. Recently Lowe's had been forced to crack down because too many prior service members were using tier discount on contractor sales.

Imagine a contractor saving $300 off of a $3000 order and giving the service member $150. Thank you for serving but not everyone deserves the discount.

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Lowes still sucks at Deliveries

I can sum it up. DO NOT PAY ....DO NOT EVER HAVE LOWES DELIVER anything for u. EVERY time we have tried the have screwed it up. I give up! They try to give you a floor model even though you told them YOU WANTED IT IN A BOX ...bad bad bad. Lowes management even screwed it up. It wasn't the deliever guys fault its the management.. they suck...REALLY P.O. PA LOWES CUSTOMER. WILL NEVER HAVE THEM DELIEVER FOR me again and will never try to buy a grill from them again. It seems to me like they no longer care about customers?
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I 100% agree. It took them 6 weeks to get my sliding door in, 3 more weeks to install it - THEN it wasn't the right door, so I am now having to wait 3 more weeks for the right door to come in. I will NO longer buy from Lowe's.


I TOTALLY AGREE!! I spent days waiting for Lowes get it right.

And this went up to the store manager level and it still kept getting messed up. I will never shop at Lowes again!!

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Lowes review in Scranton, Pennsylvania: LOWE'S LIES

I bought a Bosch dishwasher on Aug. 29 from Lowe's #553 in Pottsville, PA. The salesman, Robert Longenberger, told me they had 36 units in stock at the distribution center and they would deliver the next day. Later that afternoon, the store called and told me it would have to be ordered, and would be delivered on the 19th of September. When I told them what Mr. Longenberger told me, they said they'd call back. They did, and promised delivery on Friday, Sept. 5. On Friday, I took the day off work, and called to schedule delivery time, and was told it would be Monday, Sept. 8 before they could deliver it. So today, the 8th, I took another day off work, called them, and have now been told it will be THURSDAY the 11th! I have already emailed corporate, and I CC'd a copy to Bosch to let them know what Lowe's did. They're going to lose more money -- I am in the process of upgrading my appliances, but I won't buy them from Lowe's.
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follow up to original post

-- after another 2 weeks of "oh, we'll have it to you in a couple of days" -- I finally went to Sears, bought the same DW (for about $150 LESS), and it was in my kitchen 2 days later. I went to Lowe's to get my money back -- note that this took OVER A MONTH -- and ONLY THEN, they told me, "oh, that's a special order dishwasher, we don't have them in stock." If Mr.

Longenberger would had TOLD ME THE TRUTH the first time, it would have saved everybody a lot of aggravation.

@Lowes employee: 1. I paid for delivery AND installation. 2.

Maybe your store is great. It's not in my area. And the people at The Home Depot half a mile away from the local Lowe's (note the correct spelling of the company name) DO go out of their way to please their customers.

@Anonymous: The First Amendment does entitle me to bash Lowe's as a company, just as it guarantees you the right to whine about me doing so. If they are that overwhelmed with delivery orders -- and knowing both the area and the economy, I seriously doubt it -- they need to hire more delivery drivers.


I have a couple of questions. Why did you *** work for a Basic dishwasher delivery?

We don't install it unless you go through installed sales not delivery. The delivery guys just set if off they don't install dishwashers, so you don't need to be there. Again all delivery does is set off dishwashers a carport or any covered area or garage is suitable. And number 2, you say you hate Lowes because of one Appliance associate told you the wrong information.

That's pretty ***... I hope you get your problem squared away, because I work at lowes and the employees like myself don't like impossible to please customers like yourself. And don't want your buisness.

Because it doesn't matter what you do as an employee some customers like yourself are never going to be happy... I suggest you go to Home Depot and see if they will jump through flaming hoops for you...

@Lowes employee

And I assure you that they will not jump through the hoops to help you as they don't even provide service. You may have had a bad experience with Lowes once but that doesn't entitle you to bash it as a company.

Lowes goes out of their way to assist it's customers, we do apologize that you aren't the only person on the planet who needed a dishwasher delivered that same day. :cry

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Lowes review in Scranton, Pennsylvania: Grill was scratched and dented.

Saturday morning we went to bye a grill at Lowes because we saw the add for free delivery and pick-up. Then we were told there was a $65. charge because it was not an appliance . I cook on it, hence it is an appliance. Any way they asked us when to deliver it, we said Tues afternoon, it came in the morning, I was not home yet. Then I saw the old grill they said they would take it but it was still there. They came the next day for that. Then I saw our grill with a scratch and dent. We wrote to feed back and never heard anything.
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