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I went to purchase a number of items to finish off some projects at 7:30am I bought 2 gallons of paint 2 boxes of flooring paint supplies and 1 bag of 80lb. cement.

At the register she rang up my stuff and placed the paint on the cement tearing the bag I did not want it to tear more so I asked for something just so it would not get all over everything she said she had nothing ok how about someone to help me?No such luck as a result I was covered in concrete as was my car.

There was no one in back of me or in front of me. Did I mention that I am 64 years old no spring chicken I worked in a hardware store for 8 years and never treated a customer so rudely and I was a casheir.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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Since you are 64yrs.Old.Why?Did you not have help along with you.Accidents happen all the time.I am 64yrs.old And when i go to HOME DEPOT i alway's have someone with me each time to assist me.Their are time's when their are no one to assist with product's that are being purchased.So it is alway's good to have a helper of your own.

El Paso, Texas, United States #652631

As a current Lowes cashier, I'm really sorry and disgusted by the treatment you received. A call or attempt should always be made to try to help, especially with mess making items.

Torn concrete is almost always bagged or transferable to a new container. Unfortunately though, it isn't always something a cashier can do. We are rarely given tape for repairs, but it isn't a real excuse.

Please call the store and calmly explain the situation. Bad employees happen everywhere and it sadly takes a few notable offenses to remove them , but you deserve to have it made up to you.

Johnstown, Pennsylvania, United States #651146

Anna must be a lazy and profane Lowes cashier. All the cashier had to do was call for a loader to assist you.

The cashier was negligent of her job duties. But then what a cashier makes at Lowes, I am not suprised.

to Reality Tampa, Florida, United States #651753

Ha Ha :grin :upset :grin

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