Ocala, Florida

Why does the Zephyrhills FL management allow customers to bring in their pets and put them in shopping carts> The shopping carts are not cleaned after pets are allowed to ride in them. This is a health hazard when I place my child in the shopping cart behind a dog.

Management needs to put up signs stating non service animals are not allowed in the store. I consider this a health risk to my child and myself.

I have seen dogs walking with the owners and dog in the shopping carts some with blankets under them and some without. Why

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Rio Rancho, New Mexico, United States #1203853

Blankets keep carts clean. You can't keep out disabled people legally.

If they need a dog, It has to be on a leash. The cart thing is a policy each store has.

I say if the service dog is on a blanket, It is allowed in a cart. Use a leash otherwise.


I am visiting Fort Myers, FL where there are dogs in shopping carts everywhere. I was in Belks, Lowes, and Costco and saw dogs in the carts.

Costco was the only ones that approached the customer asked the 2 questions they are allowed to ask and the animal was to a service dog and is not welcome in the store. I looked online and people with true service dogs are also irritated with small dogs in the carts and they distract the service dogs that are untrained and they cannot perform their duties. The ADA says that service dogs should not be in shopping carts but walking or carried by the person. A diabetes alert dog can be carried on the person to smell the breath of their master.

It irritates the heck out of me to see people abuse this law which, was made for people that really need it. People only think of themselves and not others. I am allergic to dogs and if it is in the shopping cart I may throw a coat in the cart and become ill. I think most store just want to avoid a law suit so they don't approach people.

But a grocery store of any kind should never have a dog in the cart - it could be illegal.

This practice of people who think their dogs are cute is ridiculous. I feel like starting a "NOT IN MY CART" campaign.

to Anonymous #1288897

A child that has Poopy Diaper that leaks in a cart is more full of germs than a Service Dog on a Blanket or a cover over the seat and Does Not *** or *** in the cart!!!!!!!!!!


Get a life! Seriously.

My dogs are much better behaved than most kids these days.

You should get a job in a corporate HR setting as I am sure you'd get your jollies out of taking away benefits and instituting policies that demoralize workers.


I don't know...I've seen alot more filthy kids than dogs in stores...or anywhere else for that matter.


I think you're ridiculous. Your kid has more of a health risk going to SCHOOL then he does riding in a cart after a dog!

Some people just find things to *** about.


Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #712185

People who come into contact with dogs have healthier immune systems. What about kids with loaded diapers that sit in those shopping carts? Ever think of that?

Eatontown, New Jersey, United States #698940

You arent at a grocery store you are at a home improvement store. Even in a grocery store there is tons of salmonella and e coli.

Your children are also known for spreading eay more germs in shopping carts than a dog.

Why dont you clean the cart before putting your child in anyway, are you that lazy? Dogs are hardly allowed anywhere anymore, leave the few places left alone.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #661111

Well... what about the bag of manure I could put in the cart? The cart isn't sanitized after that, either...

Denver, Colorado, United States #625241

after reading through these comments its obvious why lowe's cant make up their minds about letting animals in the store.... half of you treat them better than humans and feel entitled to let your "fur children" everywhere you go. i personally dont give a *** either way, i just wish the company would grow a BACKBONE and not worry about *** a customer off.


At Tough Love, if u ever tried 2 do that 2 my dog or me he would personally rip of your head because he has more humanity in his big paw then you have in your whole body. At least my dog won't hurt anybody intentionally unlike YOU!


I think rules are rules and the public safty on customers should always be observed. Store managers that break the rules should be writtne up and or even replaced.

Dogs in shopping carts is just nasty and this is one reason I will not be shopping at Lowes. There are state laws that don't allow animials into stores that sell food and Lowes sells food at the front counter.

It is my intention to report such behavoir to the athorities then let Lowes coporate deal with the state goverments. Sometimes the rights of others is much more important than the store greed of making a sale, thus Lowes will not recieve another dollar from me until their own policies are followed.

to Tim Grover Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #624788

How exactly is a dog in a shopping cart nasty? Do you mean to say that dogs are inherently nasty?

Shopping carts are dirty and I'm sure covered with germs to begin with -- and this is due to humans, not animals.

Read the "Get a LIFE" post below. Kids drooling and humans coughing/sneezing on carts or their hands then touching carts, plus kids yelling in stores while the parents do nothing, is way more disrupting and hazardous to health than a dog in a store.

to Tim Grover Eatontown, New Jersey, United States #698949

I wouldn't care if dogs aren't allowed in shopping carts, but the store should be allowed to make the decisions about who and what is allowed in the store. To me, this post isn't about putting dogs ahead of humans but parents putting themselves ahead of other people.

Responsible parents don't blame a pet that has been bred to live in a human environment for germs found and touched by hundreds of people in a public place. Responsible parents clean and sanitize for their children and train their kids to live in the world, not expect everyone else to sacrifice for their sake!

I also think that goes for dog owners but believe me we hear enough of it. Also, seriously educate yourself about real dog safety issues and not just anti-breed propaganda.

to Tim Grover #1255344

I agree. Service animal fraud is increasing as a direct result of how poorly this law was written.

Even service animals should not be in shopping carts and the ADA supports this.

A business, especially one that sells or prepares food, should simply be reported to the state agency that is responsible for food safety inspection. Let the corporations deal with health/safety violations and the problem will take care of itself.


I like dogs and cats, having a total of five.

But I don't think they belong in stores. I especially do not like the dogs that are on leashes that the owner can "pay out", givng the dog 20 feet of leash.


I was in Lowes (Winter Garden, FL) and a strange dog was sniffing me. I can't believe Lowes allows dogs!

Corporate should be consistent. In my opinion, if a dog bites my kid in a Lowes, Lowes would be liable.

to People First Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #624786

Actually, if anyone should be liable, the pet owner should. Or are you one of those people that would sue McDonald's if you spilled their hot coffee on you and burned yourself? Of course, this is assuming that your kid didn't initiate anything with the dog and was taught to ask the owner before petting.


First of all, I rarely see, if ever, dogs drooling,licking, doing anything to contaminate a cart. However, I have seen babies,and children lick their hands,fingers they stick in their mouths, rub their noses, sneeze, drool and etc.

while riding in a cart. Personally, all the carts are filthy, however, I would rather use a cart after a dog then a baby or child that has been in the cart. Most animal germs and disease are not transferrable to humans, unlike the widespread germs, infections, etc that humans carry and transmit to each other.

One last cincher, dogs aren't in the store yelling and bellowing that I have seen babies and children do. Personally, if one should be left at home, so should the other.

to Get a LIFE! Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #624784

I totally agree.

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