Why does the Zephyrhills FL management allow customers to bring in their pets and put them in shopping carts> The shopping carts are not cleaned after pets are allowed to ride in them. This is a health hazard when I place my child in the shopping cart behind a dog.

Management needs to put up signs stating non service animals are not allowed in the store. I consider this a health risk to my child and myself.

I have seen dogs walking with the owners and dog in the shopping carts some with blankets under them and some without. Why

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to Get a LIFE! Eatontown, New Jersey, United States #698946

Haha, that is awesome. I can't stand entitled parents. If I had a kid I would probably sanitize everything around them before and after they use it anyway because I am responsible and don't expect others to do my work.


First of all, I rarely see, if ever, dogs drooling,licking, doing anything to contaminate a cart. However, I have seen babies,and children lick their hands,fingers they stick in their mouths, rub their noses, sneeze, drool and etc.

while riding in a cart. Personally, all the carts are filthy, however, I would rather use a cart after a dog then a baby or child that has been in the cart. Most animal germs and disease are not transferrable to humans, unlike the widespread germs, infections, etc that humans carry and transmit to each other.

One last cincher, dogs aren't in the store yelling and bellowing that I have seen babies and children do. Personally, if one should be left at home, so should the other.


I have worked for Lowes for seven years. The policy is no animals except service animals.

Last year we were told if we saw a customer with an animal in the cart to call them. For the first couple of weeks, they were told please leave the animal home the next time they came in. This lasted about 2 weeks. We would call and tell them about animals and nothing was said to the customer.

I had a guy with a large boxer leave me a present in the middle of the aisle. I called management and told them and was asked to clean it up. I told them if I wanted to clean up dog ***..I would buy a dog. The manager who was allowing dogs in ended up cleaning it up.

They still allow dogs in. They are afraid of upsetting the customer and losing a sale.

I say screw the sale. If you have a dog in your cart I walk the other way.

to Lowes Employee Rio Rancho, New Mexico, United States #1203852

Only housebroken service dogs are allowed in by law. You can ask dog owners to take their dogs out if they aren't housebroke.


"The shopping carts are not cleaned after pets are allowed to ride in them." Get over yourself! Your precious little fragile child is more likely to pick up nasty bacteria from all the human hands on the cart handle. Do *you* clean up all the drool left behind on the cart when you take your brat out of the seat?


What the *** is wrong with our society today. Choosing pets over people, cmon.

Yes kids are a pain in the *** at times,as well as adults, especially nowadays but that's our own fault. There is no disicpline and no consequenses and it seems like that is becoming the norm. For people to ignore a store policy that says no dogs is wrong, the policies are there for a reason, what's next allowing them in restaruants.

Rules are rules and if they keep getting bent or broken then we are just hurting ourselves and others in the long run. We need to get back on track, bring your kids up right people and people quit worrying so much about your pets, they are just that, PETS.


In NC, Lowe's home state, the appearance of pets in their home improvement stores has been comparatively recent. I've shopped at their stores all across the state (I own several homes) for many years and it has only been in the past few years that I began seeing pets introduced into the Lowe's stores.

For many years I never saw a single pet inside a Lowe's store.

Then, slowly, I began encountering pets during a small percentage of my visits to their stores. As time passed, I felt I was seeing pets inside their store locations more frequently.

August 16, 2010 I contacted Lowe's corporate HQ to mention this and also to inquire as to their animal policy within their stores.

I was assured that NO Pets are permitted; service animals only.

Reassured concerning this policy, I began to track my visits to their stores over the next several months and was astonished to find that from a sampling of 15 consecutive visits, I encountered pets inside their stores on 12 of those 15 trips! During two of those visits I encountered multiple pets inside the stores.

Armed with these simple statistics I again contacted the Lowe's corporate office January 31, 2010 to inquire about any changes they may have made to their "No Pets" policy. Their email response was: "the policy for pets in the stores is: For safety and sanitary reasons, no animals, other than service animals are permitted at Lowe's locations".

Evidently some of the Lowe's store managers have decided either through ignorance of the policy or by reason of activism to overrule their corporate office’s policy in this matter.

Reading some of the comments posted here by animal owners it is clear they have been making arguments in favor of permitting their pets largely anywhere they wish to take them in a manner very like those arguments made for many decades by another special group: Smokers.

Smokers often and loudly contended that they should be allowed to smoke anywhere they wished since it was their “right” to smoke where and when they wished. It was not obvious to them that others’ rights were being assailed when they introduced their smoke into public access locations. The important thing here I think is, “they were introducing something possibly dangerous and often unpleasant to others” and therefore were the ones creating the problem; non smokers did not introduce anything dangerous or repulsive to the smokers in that regard. Smokers, determined to “exercise their right to smoke”, complained bitterly and often engaged in name calling and threats to press their position.

Reading the postings of the animal owners here, the similarities are I think pretty obvious.

For those who wish avoid having to deal with the introduction of others’ animals into Lowe’s stores, I recommend following the advice of the retired Lowe’s employee, Starrider: If you don’t like animals; don’t go where they are allowed”. While he no doubt did not mean that in any charitable way it is never the less a good idea. Vote with your wallet as I have done: shop elsewhere but at least inform the Lowe’s corporate offices of your intent and the reason. That is exactly what I have decided to do if Lowe’s decides they will not reign in their individual store managers.

to NC Lowe's Customer Snellville, Georgia, United States #633731

Blah blah blah .. Animals are cleaner than a lot of humans.

Calling corporate office.. Mind your own business..

to NC Lowe's Customer Rio Rancho, New Mexico, United States #1203858

DIY allows pets. Rax allows pets.

Home Depot allows pets too. So if you need building supplies, then "DON'T LICK THE CARTS AND DOOR HANDLES. YOU WILL BE FINE".

Grow up. Kids with sticky hands are more of a germ problem then a dog.


All the people I have ever known who don't like animals were usually not raised with pets and are ignorant about them. When I say ignorant, I don't mean it in a bad way.

Everyone is ignorant about something. My husband & I do not have human kids by choice.

We prefer animal kids, and we are very happy this way. We bring out bulldog everywhere we possibly can and my dog is more behaved than the uncontrolled, spoiled screaming kids people bring to public places.


A dog is an animal. Children are human.

The people here who put a dog infront of a human are morons and should not be allowed out in public.

A dog, cat or any other animal can be left at home. Deal with it "animal people" some people are afraid of dogs and no matter how much you believe your dog is safe there are always instances were the best animal can attack.


If you want to be Leno-y, we can have you come down here, and you can do high fives! We could put a wig with a gray streak in your face!

We can have you read off cuecards! We'll put Kevin Eubanks over there on guitar!


Correction, A dog is probably more welcome in Lowes than an adult who has an out of control child in the cart.


Ihappen to have a very smart Shih Tzu.He has never had an accident in the house, he is groomed very often,he even gets his teeth brushed every day. I have taken him with me to Lowes several times.

He has ridden in the cart,but be sure of this,he has never left any of his bodily

excrements in the cart of on the floor.

He has never cried to the top of his lungs for something he wanted but could not have, and he has never pulled anything from the shelves that had to be cleaned up by one on the associates. So I would venture to say that a dog is probably more welcome in Lowes than a dog.


Please try and come up to me while I have my dog with me in lowes and try something ***. If your so allergic to dogs.....

or are so ueber protective of your kids....

stay home. You are the humans that should be omitted from natural selection in the first place.


Service Animals Only......Thats what the big sign On the front door of all Lowes stores state. Leave the *** dog home.

I hope your f.a.g. dog gets run over by a forklift.

to Service Animals Only Highview, Kentucky, United States #620181

You are probably the biggest *** I have ever heard of who wishes for a dog to be run over probably a heartless *** like yourself! My dog is the most well behaved animal I know and he is a lot more behaved then half of the screaming kids that come into the place that I work!

I have cleaned up more "accidents" by kids then I have ever cleaned up after my dog and mind you I've had him since he was a puppy! So don't give me that *** about dogs!

Clearly you are not knowledgeable when it comes to dogs.!


Knock Knock to Tough Love

If you ever happen on me with my dog in a cart and "attempt" to slam it against the wall, they would be picking you up in pieces with a spatula. Talk about a loser, you got anger issue there kid??


I retired from Lowe's and animals being allowed in the store is great. I am so sick of everyone *** about everything.

My dog is my kid.

If you don't like animals; don't go where they are allowed. Oh and Papaman, you are the one that is pathetic and am sure you live by yourself picking your nose as the only means of attention you will ever get.


My 2 cents are this:

I too would rather ride in a cart slobbered all over from a pet than a car that a baby sat in. My own nephew always has a runny nose and is always sticking his hands in his soiled diaper. So no thank you.

We should allow pets anywhere there isn't food. If you have a problem then shop elsewhere.

Or can I find a shop that is doesn't allow kids.....

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