Why does the Zephyrhills FL management allow customers to bring in their pets and put them in shopping carts> The shopping carts are not cleaned after pets are allowed to ride in them. This is a health hazard when I place my child in the shopping cart behind a dog.

Management needs to put up signs stating non service animals are not allowed in the store. I consider this a health risk to my child and myself.

I have seen dogs walking with the owners and dog in the shopping carts some with blankets under them and some without. Why

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Every day at least one cart in each supermarket in the US gets urinated in by a child, many suffer even worse. It is your responibility, as a concerned parent to clean any place you sit your child. Also if your child makes a mess it is your responsibility to clean it up.


pets in shopping carts are ridiculous just think of the employees that have to clean up a mess left behind by pets. Trained animals for medical reasons are okay. People are so rude.


i would like to just say.... you are complaining about managment because of the dogs in the carts, mgt has nothing to do with it , employees are trying to make everyone happy it's not our faul that customers are not smart, they could walk there dogs!

and justin is right ! these are never cleaned so i would worry about the other kids that where there before your child !


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Good point! However Lowes does post a sign saying no animals allowed unless service animals but your right people do it every single day, all the time at all Lowes.

My husband has worked for Lowes for about 8yrs in 3 states & this has always gone on & been my question to him as well!

Yesturday some people brought in a pot bellied pig! was a service pet though!Lowes is very very customer service focussed in many ways, this i guess is one of them!

Conway, Washington, United States #89121

pets are cleaner then children. it would be better for your child to sit in a cart after a dog, not another nasty child. at least your child cant catch hiv from a dog.

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