Syracuse, New York

In June of 2007 we bought an outdoor pottery stove which is model #10400 item#236288. In the fall when we picked it up to store for the winter the stove shattered into pieces (which we have) Used six times.

We thought it would be polite to wait until after the holidays to check on it.January, our salesman, Mark said to contact Garden Treasures but the lady was so rude we got no help.

Can we return this to the Lowes store for an exchange? We were so pleased to have Lowes move here but need better return service.

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The pacstove is superior in quality to all the fire pits, and contraptions i saw at lowes. Mostly thin metal junk from overseas. I bought one and have had it for a long time now.

Bonney Lake, Washington, United States #10846

Hello, sorry you had such a problem with that stove. Its a fact that 98% of what you find in most major retailers these days is cheap chinese garbage.

I call it land fill. Thats where most of it ends up only after a very short visit at your house. Anyway, i thought i might turn you on to a nice little stove made right here in america. Its called the PAC stove.

They are built tough, and they do not practice engineered obsolescence. That means, company's that do, make it just strong enough to last a few uses, then something breaks and you have to buy a whole new one.

Here is their web site. I've had one for quite a while, and i dont think this thing will visit the land fill for a looon time.

Lovettsville, Virginia, United States #10760

As with EVERY retailer out there...Lowe's sells products that OTHER companies make.

They give you a time frame to return a product. After that you have to contact the manufacturer.

Outdoor fireplaces (which is what I think you actually have...not a stove...Garden Treasures does not make stoves) have a tendency to shatter if the heat from the fire gets too high. This means that you probably had too much wood inside of it burning at one time, and the temperature surpassed the limit for the metal.

This is common among *** consumers who DO NOT READ THE BOX OR INSTRUCTIONS OF THE PRODUCTS THEY BUY!!!!


to Hates *** people Syracuse, New York, United States #647600

First, I would like to thank you for pointing out that yes, we sell products from other companies. As such, we have a return policy. I have often been on the receiving ends of complaints such as "Your *** product ____" and you can fill in the variety of blaming terms.

One, the outdoor fireplace is a seasonal item. Therefore, waiting until January unfortunately does not help. Even if we had one, you are a bit beyond the return policy, and two, even if we did return it, we would not have one to give to you. It is 50/50, but normally you will be directed to the manufacturer because anything outside of our return policy falls into their lap! However, with it shattering (and you still having the pieces... You would be amazed how many people just bring us a receipt and expect us to give them their money back!! Like dead plants, for instance..), you might have a better chance. I would suggest asking the GT rep for a possible return merchandise authorization number (RMA) to give to Lowe's to assist you in returning it. If they give a number that we can use for credit, you have better luck. (Remember, return policy is only good for 90 days max, sometimes only 30)

I am sure no one cares how it affects us as a store - everyone has a mentality that they are right and should be 100% appeased. However, when we make exceptions, that often means we lose out on money as well. Some manufacturer's will not even give us a refund for the money we refunded back to you unless we have an RMA #.

Stuff breaks. Life happens. I have never personally returned an item to a store after I had used it multiple times, and then have it break on me. I just make a note not to buy the same thing next time!

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