Hicksville, New York

I went to the Lowes at Piscataway at 6PM on Sat 6/28/2014 to buy mulches since it was on sale at $10 for 4 bags. I went to the cashier and asked her that if the sales will go on the next day. She said she does not know and just stared at me and then picked up her water bottle to drink. She works for Lowes. There was no other customer waiting on the line. She can call the store manager or others if she does not know. She needs to be trained to be aware of the products and sales. She also should understand the purchases are what provide her the employment.

During this purchase I saw another worker opened up the back steel mash door for others to load before, and I wanted to buy 16 bags of mulches, so I walked over to ask him if I can pay at the cashier and then drive my car to the back door to load those big bags (2 cubic feet each). He said that door is locked and cannot be opened, he also said that I need to pay at cashier like others and come back to get more. When I did my first load of 8 bags in the parking lot I saw the door got opened and that worker was there helping the customer to load. I went to him and asked why he opened the back door for others to load; he said that customer has a lot more purchase than I have. I went to the assistance manager on duty and told him about this. He said only the manager can open that door. I said that is not true and he went with me to the back door, and saw what happened. He said to me what you want me to do. Why are they treating people differently based on the purchase amount?

I went to Home Depot a mile away and paid the cashier and drove to the parking lot (outside the store) where the mulches were placed and load them. They made it easy and simple for their customers, plus the mulches were from Scotts, a brand name product for the same price. The Lowes brand is not recognizable. The whole experience with Lowes was very bad, not friendly and not convenient compare with Home Depot in South Plainfield, NJ. I will buy from Home Depot from now on.

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