Tampa, Florida

Today was my day off and part of our agenda was to go to your Lowes store in Brooksville Fl on Broad st. We had all of our info because we want to get a new kitchen, cupboards countertops and flooring.

We rang the button for service and a gentleman came and informed us that there was no one available to give an estimate. He even called to confirm that no one was scheduled today. I would tend to think that if you are a store open for business that an individual would be scheduled in every area to assist customers. I understand that the ecomony is tough which is why I am shopping around for the best bang for my buck, but my time is also valuable.

I work hard for my money and have been saving for this and am anticipating on spending around $10,000.

may not seem a lot to some but it has been hard earned and a big expense for us. I will not return to your Brooksville store.

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The best thing to do is schedule a design appointment. Someone could have left a message for a designer to call you back to schedule an appointment.

Designing a kitchen is a very complex. It requires a minimum of 2 hours to complete.


I know you stated that no one was scheduled today but someone may have called in sick.

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