Acme, Michigan
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I built a new house through lowes in alliance Ohio well some of it the sale guy I'll just give his initials rs from the Begaining to the end was wrong and he lied about everything the lowes truck driver ask me why I was returning 6000.00 worth of lumber which I had to buy over again I told him it was all the wrong size and the first thing out of his mouth was *** that Rodney I ask him if he has done this before he said all the time then I ask him why they did not get Reid of him he said he still makes more money for them then the other sales men well he cost me at less an extra 3000.00 in labor and time I call North Carolina the main office and talk to them their answer was nothing must be their police if it makes them money it dose not matter how much it cost you

Reason of review: Be as the guy is still. there doing the same crap he has been doing and laughing about it.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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