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I see today Lowes is closing 51 stores maybe this is the reason. The store in St.

George Ut had a table/mag rack on display , which the wife wanted after talking to the sales person thru his manager, none on stock and could not sell the display item. Closing stores. Once upon a time I was trying to send this message as a pissed consumer and it came back as under 100 words, so I will just babble until I get there and get more pissed. Maybe Home Depo I looking better for my money.

Still short how is your day going am I talking to India. Still to short how is the weather in India I see you are 12 hours later than here in the states

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Most stores won't sell the display if more stock is coming. There are several reasons for this.

If there is no display people won't know they sell it. Having a display, they may take an order for future stock coming in or the customer may return to buy it when new stock comes in. It also takes time to build a new display when new stock comes in. Time that stores that are thinly staffed don't have.

People often look over the displays closely and want discounts for any blemish they can find. Why sell it at a discount if you would just have to take time building a new one when fresh stock arrives in a few days.


So... Lowe’s didn’t sell your wife the display.

Yes, I’m sure that’s the reason why they are closing 51 stores. Lol


Huh? What?

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