Parker, Colorado
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Walked into the garden center, at the "southlands" location. the people they have hired are so rude!

Not a hi, hello.....nothing! I asked one of the employees where I would find a certain item in the garden center..he pointed down a long isle..."did you look there?...serioulsy?? I then find it BY MYSELF, (On the other side of the store) Go to the check out...Jade looks at me...I said hi..(crickets)....NOTHING!! again...seriously???

a!! from now on...I will drive the 6 miles and go to Home Depot!! They are always helpful and friendly! soooo sad, I have complained before...and nothing has been done!

Guess they just don't care! You would think the "big wigs" would care, but just one look at their paycheck...and they say, oh well!


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Lowes cashier here. Cashiers, if that is who initially asked, cannot leave their registers to help you.

It is policy that aisle associates must walk you to the item. I'm sorry the cashier was unresponsive to you. They should have at least said hello and asked you about your day/shopping experience. Please call and talk it over with a manager.

We need calm, constructive feedback to improve and better serve the public.

I do hope Home Depot serves you well if you choose to exclusively patronize their store. :grin


Asking if you looked where the product is is not rude. Customers always want you to hold their hand these days.

They are too lazy to look for something. I get that all the time in the pharmacy. Customers will walk right by the aisle they want to get to the window to ask us where stuff is. We are a small pharmacy in a small store.

It is not hard to read the low hanging signs.

And exactly where do you think bandaids would be? In the area marked FIRST AID. Or where are the razors?

In the aisle marked WET SHAVE. Please, use your noodle.


Lack of sign reading is my biggest complaint of the public. I've had to explain lightbulbs were in the "lightbulb" aisle they just walked past with the huge "LIGHTBULBS" sign over it.


Someone just got pissed off at Home Depot and is now driving 6 miles to Lowes