Allentown, Pennsylvania
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2006 I got a Lowes Credit card and faithfully have paid it even paying more than minimum needed. Recently I went to Lowes to purchase tile to finish the renovation on my bathroom.

To my surprise my account had been closed by the company. The reason according to a letter I received 3 days later was Old credit issues. Why if that was the case why give me a card to begin with?

At this point in time I will never ever set foot in a Lowes store and would highly advise others to do so also. Lowes lost a good customer and lots of business with me.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

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Bring wipes!!!!! Lowes is a FAMILY Store!!!

In fact, Lowes has wipes at the entrance... You should use them anyway!!!!


:p :p :p :p


It was not Lowes that closed your card, they partner with GE Capital. WIth the current credit crunch, this has happened to a lot of us.

As a Lowes customer, I will tell you to take it up with GE and not to hold it against Lowes. They are not able to control this or the credit company.


I ordered a clawfoot slipper tub from the Lowes store in Harper Woods Michigan. The contractor asked me to ask the store not to uncrate it since he finds as a contractor that a lot of the problems occur when either uncaring or not trained people carelessly uncrate these ane damage them.

I spoke to several people the day before (the day it came in) to make sure that it would be delivered in the original packaging. I was assured by all that this was fine. Not 15 hours later not only is it delivered completed uncrated. An acrylic clawfoot tub was delivered upside down with the top of the box completely detached and then the delivery men just let it drop onto the garage floor.

I was speechless. I was told by "Rick" that I had to sign that I inspected it when I told him but i didn't inspect it and that it was supposed to be left in the box and that they just dropped it on a cement floor on the rim of the tub.. He assured me Lowes would take care of me. Well it was damaged and I demanded they pick it up.

Rick came back in his pick up and threw it in the back. I called corporate and was assured that I would get a call back in 24 hours. Well it has been 48 hours and no one called me. The sales person in that store was very helpful but the delivery people were beyond belief.

I really wanted that tub.

Could not beat the price. It was actually like watching a Laurel & Hardy movie the way the delivered it.


Contact Lowe's CEO(Robert Niblock)

directly @


I don't know about Lowes, but I work at Menards, and our credit card is handled by HSBC, which has NO affliation with Menards. Therefore, Lowes credit card may have nothing to do with them.

On the other hand, why not save big money and head to Menards for all your needs!! :)