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On August 20th I loaded up some returns for lowes. Looked up all the receipts, I am in the store at least two to three times a week.

so I had to go over a lot of receipts.(my time wasted) I went in to lowes after unloading all the items to do the returns. Went inside was greeted at the the return desk, very nice young girl. She took all my receipts and scanned them, then started going over the return plants one at a time and these are sale plants so she had to go over each on to put the correct costs in. Other customers waiting with returns also.

One man walked away because of the amount of time it was taking. A man sitting not more than 20 feet away (later to be known as Holland the manager on duty.) tried calling her she had to call him back ,he looked up finally and realized she as right there and busy, he said he would see her when she was done. Not on the phone he just spoke to her directly he was so close. she finally completed the returns told me what would be on card and in cash.

Then the return would not process the plants after all this effort and time. She went over to Holland who by now was having to process other returns himself, due to me holding up the line. She came back and told me the sale plants are not returnable even if they died. She went ahead to complete the rest of the none plant returns which she had to reenter all over again.

In the mean time I ask for the manager and up walks Holland telling me there is no returns on these. I stated it was not on my receipt, not posted in store, not posted by the sale plants. The cashier did not even know, she spent time going over all this for what , to *** me off, make me look *** to everyone waiting behind me. Then the manager Holland tried to tell me the policy sign for that must have fallen off the racks of plants.

This really pissed me off that he would be unethical enough to lie to my face. How *** of him he seen the stack of receipts. I told him in front of everyone that was a lie I am in your store 2, 3, 4, times a week, and always go to the plant section. THERE HAS NEVER EVER BEEN A SIGN STATING ALL SALES FINAL.

In all the years Since they opened.

I have so many other options, this will not be one for me GOOD BY LOWES. I do landscaping and contractor projects for my clients and I will let them know NO LOWES.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Lowes Cons: Retun policy not postedwaste my time.

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