3/26 ON:86262**** placed. $174.11

Paid for with two gift cardsGC**** **** **** 9420, GC**** **** **** 5543

4/27 Spoke to lowes bc item was never delivered or delivered to the wrong address.

Was told you were sending a merchandise Check for $174.11 RN: 128383****5871 in 14 business days.

Still have not received it.

6/19 received email with tracking number 514246****21 Item #: 232551|Model #: MERCHCD001

but sending to the recipient,

Robbie Atkins

5475 Highway 278 Lot 4

Sulligent, AL 35586

who did not pay for the order, I did.

Why you would send any reimbursement to anyone other than the person who actually paid for the order is beyond my comprehension, but now I am not surprised at the total incompetence i have experienced from Lowe's. I Spoke to Lowes multiple times emphasizing i was the purchaser but you still ship it to the recipient of the original order...

my address is

Casey Morgan

1505 Heller st,

rolla mo 65401

I purchased the item, not Robbie Atkins....

And of course i cant find anyone to help me via phone call bc no one knows anything, "You'll need to speak with "so and so" and i get lost in an endless maze of people who won't do anything.

This is the last time im going to try to get my money back before contacting legal counsel...

I want a gift card, merchandise check, cash, check, bitcoin, or any other spendable currency to be sent to me immediately!!!

Casey Morgan

Location: Sullivan, Missouri

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